Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Health Factor

Since I'm working now, and more financially independent now (and also personal incidences and experiences with my loved ones)... I have decided to take a proactive approach towards my own health and well-being. I have since

1) Went for a more thorough blood test (that cost me RM 190 *(&@($*) and am awaiting results
2) Making half a year or yearly appointments with the dentist (entitled to max RM 150 claim)
3) Goes for monthly or bi-monthly facial wash (only RM 50 per session.. so cheap) since my only practiced routine is wash-exfoliate-tone-and-moisturize and i'm out in the sun a lot, and don't always remember my SPF and what-not...
4) Threading sessions at a nice parlour - Saluga in Bangsar (cheap too.. only RM 8 for eyebrow & upper lip)

but most importantly, thanks to my company who entitles it staff to go for specialist checks and treatment, I went for a check-up and found out that I need to undergo a surgery (medium risk) soon.. And I'm surprisingly, very calm about it. How weird am I? Anyway, just wish me luck and pray that all goes smoothly :)

For those who have always been delaying their medical check-up, DO IT NOW!