Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Assumptions & Judgements

Why is it that people like to assume and pass judgements?
If you're not in the situation, or even try to understand the situation, how would you know?
How could you actually understand or relate to the matter?

To certain parties out there...
Just because I try to lead life as happy as I can,
Trying to smile whenever I can,
Keeping my schedule tight and busy,
So that I don't spend time depressing and over thinking, getting paranoid,
Moving on with life whenever I can...
It doesn't mean my (our) battle is over.
It doesn't mean I'm all okay.
It doesn't mean the fight has ended...
It only means I'm trying to stay positive.

So please....
Do not assume I don't give a damn
Do not assume I don't care
Do not assume I don't know
I am just not very good in expressing my true emotions
Or I am trying not to be too affected by them

So again, I plead...
Don't pass judgements...
Don't think I don't know...
Don't think I don't give a damn 'coz I (we) hell give a damn to what's going on
And most important of all, I care.

Just because it's not recited all the time... it doesn't give you the right to judge.
Keep your thoughts to yourself.
Or make it known, get the message across, the right way.

Ponder for a bit,
Have you ever asked me how I was (we were) feeling?
How all these that's happening had affected me?
Go deep into trying to find out what's going on?
If your answers are, "not really", "never"... I rest my case.