Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Experience on Being Hospitalized & Thomas Cup 2010

May 12th, 2010... marks the first time I'm hospitalized (other than the period after I was born...).

For what? I was scheduled for a surgery at Tung Shin Hospital, Jalan Pudu.

What surgery? Haha, ain't gonna announce to the world here but no worries, it was medium-risked. Actually can consider minor also other than the fact that I need to undergo full anaesthesia. That was the scariest part for me 'coz I was so paranoid, I'm afraid I'll experience "Awake" ala Hayden Christensen in the same-titled movie - the one starring Jessica Alba too.

The feeling of being 'pushed' to the operating theatre (OT) was exactly how they portrayed in movies / drama series. The sight of lights on the ceiling... the sounds emitted from the EKG machine... my hand being IV-prepared (for the 'ubat bius' as well as should there be a need for drips / blood transfusion / etc)... wearing the robe (stark naked underneath)... the cold air... the somewhat-nonchalant attitude of docs and nurse, not because they don't care but 'coz it's such a routine for them... and the presence of interns... Hmm.

To be honest, the moments spent being on the 'bed', being pushed from my ward to the OT was haunting. I almost teared... Luckily I didn't 'coz I believe, if I did, it will not stop. Somemore my mom called and sis said "Good Luck"... LOL... Haha. Thank goodness I manage to stay strong and held back my tears...

Anyway, thank you Dr Ng KC (the one who performed the surgery) and Dr Albert Tan (the anaesthesiologist) for the constant assurance that everything will be all right :) I was surprised at my fast recovery despite feeling very drowsy when I first got out of the OT, sleeping so many hours on and off.

Hehe, I still remember... one of the nurse was telling me... when she put a gas mask over my face... "if you feel like sleeping, just go ahead". Poof... next thing I know.. I've passed out. The moment I woke up, I was so blur, I wasn't even sure if the procedure has been carried out. I wanted to ask the nurse standing by next to my bed "It's done??"... Haha, luckily I didn't. I would have looked / sounded so silly... Finally got a confirmation when I felt a slight pain. Painkillers were not prescribed though.. not needed anyway as the pain is short-lived. *thank you mode again*

Thanks to all who knew / find out about it.. and wished me well, as well as paid me a visit.
You know who you are... so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank Sis and Bro for taking leave to send me to the hospital.
Thanks Mom and Dad for checking on me with constant calls.
Thank you friends for dropping by (and watching Malaysia vs Denmark in Thomas Cup quarter finals in my ward/room), for the sms-es i received, for the msges i received online.. Your support and encouragement had definitely helped me overcome this phase. Yeah... I may look strong/fine.. but trust me when I tell you was "freakingly scared" at some points. Hehe (^_^b)

Finally... got discharged at about 12pm ++ on May 13th, and given another day off (MC) on May 14th.
It was really, a much needed rest.. physically and emotionally. It's now OVER :)

And I had a freaking nice day-off on the last day of MC... yes, despite Malaysia losing to China in the semi-finals, I had a good time at the stadium (though I consciously try not to jump around too much)! Me and friends were equipped with the Jalur Gemilang, binoculars ('coz we only gotten Upper Tier seats - RM 38), whistle and some noise-making gadget! Hehe. And of course, our trusty digicam / mobile phone to capture pictures!


suhaisweet said...

Hi there..1st time see ur blog..nice entry and love ur pics too.visit me if free huh..;)

Lyen said...

Mayz... please take care!!! will be missing you always... can't wait till i see u again... till now, take care of ur health...

Mayz said...

Suhaisweet: Thanks. Do return to visit :)

Lyen: Thank you for dear wishes. Appreciate it.

Hehe.. p/s, the surgery was not done on my hand. Some actually thought so 'coz I was showing pics of my IV-ed hand.