Friday, October 2, 2009

The Blessed Nuptial of Corinna & Kenneth

The wedding celebrations of Corinna Khong Pooi Teng and Kenneth Wong Joon Meng were spread out over 3 days (actually more!) over the Raya weekend…

 CK + Wong at CK’s 23rd Bday Celebration in Italiannies, Gardens

p/s: We, by we I refer to us heng tais & ji muis that are so overly excited over the marriage of these 2 individuals. Why? ‘Coz we’ve all known each other for years so everything’s more memorable and the fact that they are the 1st couple (that is well, very close to us) to get married! After 10 years of courtship somemore!! That’s definitely something to be excited about (^_^)

Heng Tais aka The Brothers
(WCF, Soh, Alvin, Go, Melvin, Kenneth, Kwong, Mun Fai, Chia & Koh. Jason Lai not in picture)


Ji Muis aka The Sisters
(Gabriella, Yit Sum, Me, Mei Kuan, Lu, Lokey, Mun,
Chan, Li-Yen, PS & Zinel)

Below are the brief chronicles and some pics for you to enjoy, esp for those who missed it / couldn’t make it to the church/dinner. For complete collection of the photos, refer to our Facebook accounts or get the softcopies directly from us – the newlyweds, the heng tais, the ji muis, friends, family or relatives!


Date: 07.09.2009 (Monday)
Venue: KL Baptist Church
Activity: Wedding Rehearsal @ Church


The Pastor, The Couple, The Best Man & Bride’s Maid,
The Bride’s Dad

Ryan, The Ring Bearer – CK’s nephew

Date: 18.09.2009 (Friday)
Venue: Corinna’s crib & Sky Bar (for the guys)
Activity: Meet Up (for the girls, to discuss the ‘games’ to be played on the groom and ‘heng tais’) & Bachelor’s Night (for the guys)

No pictures from the girls on this night ‘coz we’re too busy discussing, going over the details of each game we have planned for the groom and his group of heng tais. (*_*)

 IMG_7111 IMG_7110

Tasks Assigned to The Groom-To-Be on His Bachelor’s Night @ Sky Bar

Date: 19.09.2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Corinna’s crib, KL Baptist Church & Wong’s crib
Activity: “Cip San Leung”, Church Wedding, Makan Session at Wong’s, Karaoke @ Red Box Gardens

IMG_4366 IMG_4357

Good Looking Make Up Artist, Matt from Christian Dior putting his Magical Touches on the Already-Radiant Bride

PRS_1341 PRS_1426

Prepping At Groom’s, Arrival at Bride’s Crib


I… <3… U


 C… O… R… I… N… N… A…


Do The Yoga, Pose Like This!

The Result!

IMG_7220 IMG_7222

Haha. The Egg in Your Pants Game! Obscene?


The Heng Tais Forcing Their Way, Letting The Groom In
(Auntie, Y U Betray Us By Opening The Grill Door??)

PRS_1609 PRS_1602 PRS_1603 PRS_1607

Tim Shuen Fu Lat” – Punishments for Forcing Their Way In
(Crackers Filled with Wasabi, ‘Fu Cha’ aka Bitter Tea,
Apple Cider and Honey)


Terimalah Titah Maharani aka Corinna Khong
Before You Get The Bride



Wong: “Finally… (^_^)”
CK: *bliss*

PRS_1906 PRS_1899




*Splendid Ceremony*


IMG_3308 IMG_3328

Karaoke Session @ Garden’s Red Box (12am – 3am)

Date: 20.09.2009 (Sunday)
Venue: Imbi Palace Restaurant
Activity: Chinese Wedding Dinner
The Menu:

  1. Palace Four Season Combination
  2. Braised Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat & Golden Mushroom
  3. Roasted Suckling Pig & Chicken with Thai Sauce
  4. Steamed Pomfret with Soya Sauce
  5. Baked Fresh Prawn with Garlic
  6. Braised Dried Scallop with Flower Mushroom
  7. Fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat
  8. Palace Styled Two Varieties Pastry
  9. Dessert of The Day

WCF_6646 WCF_6537


Great Food, Great Environment, Great Friends