Saturday, October 3, 2009


In no particular order/rank, these movies are definitely to watch for… Some I have watched, some I’m about to watch


  1. Michael Jackson: This Is It (link)
    Tickets goes on sale this Oct 15th! Must land my hand on some tix as I heard it’ll only be screened for 2 weeks or so!
  2. 500 Days of Summer (only on TGV Pyramids)
    Watched it today @ Sunway Pyramid with my gal pals! Nice perspective! Don’t mind watching again…
  3. Surrogates
    Can’t wait for it to be released
  4. Where Got Ghosts?
    Haha.. Kelakar betul. Quite eerie at certain scenes too… Esp  in the “Ghosts In The Jungle” minisode.
  5. The Time Traveller’s Wife
    Looks very romantic… Well, it has Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, won’t go wrong I guess.
  6. The Ugly Truth
    Haa, quite kelakar and in-your-face. Get to see Gerard Butler in a different element and Katherine Heigl in HER element. LOL.
  7. Sorority Row
    Well, the girls are hawt so well, eye-candy for the guys I guess. I personally would like to check it out ‘coz I heard it’s not too bad for a murder thriller. Hmm, i dunno… but worth trying i guess.
  8. Sherlock Holmes
    Robert Downey Jr again.. if his portrayal is as good as what he has done for Iron Man, then definitely worth the watch!

… more to come…