Sunday, September 27, 2009

Test Climb @ Damai Caves

This would be my 1st official outdoor rock climbing activity… Thanks to Malcolm & Calvin (my colleagues at Skytrex) who just wouldn’t accept a “No” from me to skip this week’s outing ‘coz I complained about fatigue and lethargy since I’ve been overly active this whole week with various outings, meet-ups and of coz, my work.

So, thanks to the two fellas that kept calling or sending me text messages from 9.30am till about 11.00am, I’ve decided to not FFK and make my appearance at Centrepoint’s McD – the meeting point, and then ended up at Batu Caves.


Part of Damai Wall.

Was supposed to try out Nanyang Wall but detoured to Damai Wall after a change of plans. Met few other avid and experienced climbers – Karen, See Tho, Kenny, Ah Wai, Albert & Michele. Thanks for all the guidance! Esp to Karen & See Tho who personally provided me some gear, did the lead climb to prepare the route for me and Jasmine, both newbies, and most important of all, tips and advises.

IMG_4428 IMG_4427

See Tho lead climbing!

Sorry though.. too bad, i didn’t make it all the way to the top. Arms gave up after several attempts to overcome a certain hurdle at 3/4 of the route. Shoot.. I should have pushed myself further although my arms ended up red, see pic below.


Slightly swollen & red but totally worth it!

p/s: Thanks to my Skytrex boss, Julien Repellin, for providing me some very much needed gears as a farewell gift. I’ll make sure I make full use of these precious babies (^_^).

IMG_4432 IMG_4433

My two set of basic harness from Verticale Aventure!

IMG_4430 IMG_4431

Figure of 8 and my ten sets of Quickdraw!


Kathlynn said...

ooo. this looks tough. need to work on my arm muscle b4 tryin tis out! :)

Mayz said...

Give it a try after u've prep urself :)