Saturday, September 5, 2009

My 1st Week At Work

… was surprisingly pleasant (^_^) although I’m still not used to waking up at ~6.30am, and leaving for work before ~7.30am (to avoid the traffic congestion). My work starts at 8.30am… at least for the next few weeks since I’m not out on assignments yet.

Hey, mind you… I used to have VERY flexible working hours. Haha.

Another surprise was, the morning congestion is actually not that bad compared to my previous experiences. The only thing I dread now is, the traffic congestion that I have to endure AFTER working hours. Boy, was it dreadful to take up to an hour just to get home from PJ to Happy Garden! Even more so when at times, I’m badly in need to stop for a toilet break and I can’t just because I’m stuck on some road! Experienced that just yesterday (-_-‘)

Here are some snapshots of my workstation. Simple and nice. And so far, workable. Enough storage space for my belongings and what-not.

Position: I’m positioned at a place where I can view the entire office, seated next to 3 other FAS – Field Application Specialists.

IMG_4287 IMG_4288 IMG_4289


(though I believe I wouldn’t be spending much time here after my actual work commences. instead, i should be travelling around providing trainings, workshops, and offer support to the hardworking sales team)

Oh yeah, I am officially known as Madeline now at my workplace ‘coz…

  • English names are generally easier to be pronounced and to be remembered although I’m aware of the fact that my English name is quite mouthful too.
  • I can’t use May ‘coz another colleague goes by that name already.
  • I can’t use Mayz ‘coz the pronunciation seems foreign to everyone. Yes, i’ve tried introducing myself as such.
  • I can’t even use my parents-given name May Szin ‘coz every time I say, “Hi, I’m May Szin”… They’ll generally go, “Huh, Amazing??”. Amazing indeed… prob that should be my new name. Different and definitely pops out and make ppl remember.
  • Prays I will get used to ppl calling me Madeline and actually respond when being called. Haha… Sometimes, I just tuned out and don’t answer to that name ‘coz the last time I really use it was back in kindergarten and early primary schooling years. The name issue.. nvr leaves me. Yet, i love the fact that i have quite a unique name.. mainly thanks to the odd spelling, courtesy of me mom! Thanx Ma!

What I’ve Done For The Past 1 Week (01.09.09 – 04.09.09):

  • Getting to know my team and remembering their names by of coz, associating their faces. Thank goodness I’m pretty good with faces and names.
  • Applied for an Alliance Bank account – work purposes.
  • Went to EPF and realized that I indeed already have an existing account. Never knew Guardian actually really opened an account for me back when I was 16 y/o and was part-timing with them during school break.
  • That also means I’m already registered with SOCSO. Yay!
  • Income Tax Number?? HR gonna settle it for me and determine if i’m actually taxable. LOL.
  • Tagged along with supervisor/colleagues on their rounds.
  • Learning and finding out more about my company, my scope of work, etc. Gosh, lotsa reading… So not used to it anymore after a break of 8 months from all things-Biotech.
  • Had lunch with colleagues all 4 days. Thank goodness, need not go through the whole “what should i do? who should i ask to go for lunch? eat alone?” thingy, YET. Haha. Ppl working in PJ area… i.e. ex-colleagues @ Skytrex, Tian, Pin Leng, Winnie, Lu, Jes… be prepared. ;p

Other Highlights / Pleasant Surprises:

  • Vibrant, young and friendly colleagues: The team that I’ll be working with, based on my observations, are quite close-knit so that’s a big Thumbs Up! To those who know me well, they’ll know how much I care about having “semangat” when working with a team. Everyone’s generally very friendly, nice and best of all accommodating. It is a nice feeling to be able to fit in and feel belonged. I hope I’ll be singing to the tune “I got a feeling… that tonight’s gonna be a good night” forever, with some minor adjustments to Black Eyed Peas’ lyrics.
  • Parking fees are claimable: I wasn’t aware of this when I accepted the job. Cost of parking at office, full day – RM 5.
  • A free laptop is given for work use: Another aspect that I wasn’t informed of… or prob I’m just not well-informed of the position I accepted and the usual perks (or not) it comes with.


Dell Latitude d630
(though the battery is practically useless now, have to depend on AC)
(reported to IT dept)

Up Next Week:

  • More tag-alongs with fellow colleagues and mentor = more travelling = more taking-notes = more learning, absorbing, digesting and understanding to do. Pray that the “physical exercise/training” I’ve done for the past 8 months @ Skytrex will do me good and not get me worn out easily.

Pray for me everybody!
It’s gonna be a busy September… with holidays coming, Raya coming, long-time buddy’s wedding and the preps that lead to the D-day.