Sunday, September 6, 2009

I find myself shopping more often now…

Reasons I Gave Myself

  • I need gears apt for working now that I’m no longer hanging around in the jungle.
  • I still need my sportswear ‘coz I still work part-time in a jungle environment.
  • I need retail therapy because…
    • I feel the need to reward myself i.e. for my birthday, to accolade my graduation, etc.
    • I am happy.
    • I am sad.
    • I got the extra bucks.
    • I really liked the item.

Recent Purchases (whether it’s worth it or not… I dun wanna judge right now… Haha)

  • A dark grey windbreaker hood jacket from Nike
  • A pair of good-looking black heels from Vincci.
  • A blue checkered box top from Niichi
  • A checkered long top/dress from Spade
  • A slim brown belt from Spade
  • A dark grey top from Seed
  • A black vest from Padini
  • A bracelet from Vincci Accessories
  • A formal dress from an online boutique (yes, i’ve caught the addiction of shopping online… luckily my purchases are justified/worthy so far, at least in my opinion).

Darn! Need to cut back and start saving like I used to. Else, I wouldn’t be able to afford the following in the coming years…

Short Term (not all necessary, just wants)

  • A watch
  • A good pair of shades

Long Term

  • A car
  • A place I can call “My Own Self-Funded Home”.. (haha)
  • More travels

Gosh, I’m feeling extremely greedy right now! Macam apa2 pun nak :S