Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skytrex: Swinging Time Indeed

For memory sake, I’m posting this to serve me a reminder of all the good times at Skytrex!


skytrex_logo Skypet_normal

The Logo & The Mascot – Skypet


Inquiry Hotline: 013-276 9841


A short chronology:

  • December 13th & 14th, 2008
    • First weekend at work. Dragged Vien along to teman me. Like what they say, the rest is history. Vien and myself still works at Skytrex, on part-time basis, till today
    • Met with the boss, Julien Repellin 
    • 1st day duty-partner & mentor: Lan
    • 2nd day duty-partner & mentor: Jai
  • February 19th, 2009
    • Decided to join Skytrex as a permanent staff, assisting in the administration and management side of the company, and still carry out my role as an instructor at park on weekends.
    • Helped set up Skytrex Admin Office (aka Skytrex HQ) at Jaya One, PJ in March 2009. Based there since.

My Directors/Bosses:
Jean-Michel Piedagnel, Azlan Idrus & Julien Repellin

  • February – August 31st, 2009
    • Supposed to only serve for 3 months, on a 3-month contract.
    • But stayed on and served, from Instructor to Accounts Executive and finally as Operations Assistant that double-up as Park Manager on days me boss/senior staff are not around. Hehe. *proud*

Image0005 Image0019 (1)

1) Random shot at work

2) Showing the similarity between myself and our Skytrex mascot, Skypet the monkey. No, i’m not equaling myself to a Monkey. Just the spectacles bit on the mascot.

    • Highlights:
      • Seeing customers having a fun-filled, exciting time at Skytrex, young and old alike.

090628_May2 Image0030

Image0012 IMG_4234 dsc2996og4

      • Getting to know all my fellow colleagues and instructors, from all walks of life, of all ages. You guys know who you are… (^_^)
      • Skytrex Crew’s BBQ Night @ 14th June 2009
      • The Star Interview @ 5th July 2009
        see article HERE –>
        SWINGING TIME by Revathi Murugappan
      • Watching Ice Age 3 at Cathay @ 15th July 2009
      • My 24th Birthday Surprise Celebration @ 26th July 2009


With the Technical Team 


(L-R): Pakku, Fazrul, Ariff, Saiful, Haris & Ayob
(Down): Julien Repellin

IMG_2979 P7260125

crewnitebbq crewnitebbq2

With fellow instructors/colleagues on various occasion

  • September 1st, 2009
    • The day I officially leave my permanent position at Skytrex and jump-start my Biotech career. Hopefully I’ll survive and last in the company. Wish me luck. Definitely needed. After spending such splendid, berat sama dipikul and ringan sama dijinjing period with ya guys, it’s definitely gonna be difficult to have such great working atmosphere again, anywhere!
    • Gonna miss ya peeps! Take care, keep in touch and FORGET ME NOT!


diFa said...

hai Mayz,
SkyTrex tu yg kat bukit cahaya s.alam aite??.. i dulu selalu gak cycling kat sane..n my friends always wanted to try d skytrex tu..
tp xpernah dpt as we already tired with cycling~ huhu

but mcm akan plan next time bile dtg sane tros g skytrex..:)

so u keje sane can we get more discount?? huhu~ ^_^

btw tag 2 u xnak buat pun xpe..hehe its nuffnang advert je..:)

Mayz said...

haha, unfortunately tak de extra discount le. paling byk pun 10%.. which u can get so long ur group consist of 10 pax and above.

tapi, inform me la sebelum dtg.
prob, if sikit org, i can arrange to let u up for free or something. or pay lesser.

spicewriter said...

Hi crew @ Skytrex

We were there today and we had real fun although we did the "little adventures" Thumbs up to the crew..

BTW, Julien is so "chun"

regards - Yunz