Friday, August 28, 2009

My Name Is…?

Reporting to a new workplace soon.

Hmm… one thing is bothering me.

Silly you might think… but.. How should I introduce myself?

As in… Do I introduce myself as

  • May Szin?
  • Madeline?
  • Mayz?
  • May?

Headache! Please advice… or vote in the poll on the side bar! Appreciate your feedback.


TJ said...

lolz, does it really matters ar? as long u're comfortable wif any1 of them, which i think u r ady =)

Mayz said...

yalah, but i still have to decide how i should introduce myself first...
takkan i go.. hi, u can call me this, this, this or that.

Anonymous said...

i got cheated when u took part in the poll.

i have to answer more than 1 question.