Monday, August 24, 2009

Needed Escapism

21.08.2009 – The day I finally decided on joining my friends for a trip… My reason, it will prob do me more good than harm – a chance for an escapism.


22.08.2009 – 24.08.2009 – My escapism from reality, at a location located far and away from KL. The period where I tried to keep ‘out of touch’ from everyone… and focus on myself.


Just wanna say thanks to my friends – Vien, Athes, Galvin and Wai Yip for coming along/making this happen. Else, I would never be able to get out of the city alone.


For once, in a trip

… I wasn’t the excited one

… I wasn’t constantly on a look out to do something adventurous / different or in a exploring-mood

… I wasn’t the one who did the research or have plans I wanna execute



… I was the one who constantly wants to sleep (‘coz I lack those back in the city)

… I was the one who asked, should I decide to leave earlier than scheduled, can we?


I know you all did sense something was not right with me…
Thanks for asking and not asking. Really appreciate your company, esp at times like these when I needed it.