Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 4am Hike – Broga Hill

Technically, our group of 8 only started the actual hike at 5.30am.
4am actually refers to the meet-up time.
Yes, I actually went for a hike (albeit a relatively easy one compared to other hikes that I’ve done, i.e. Bukit Tabur) just hours after I’m done with my convo. Tired, yes, I know but worth it :)
Anyway, the details are as follow:


Date: 19.07.2009
Meet-Up Time & Gathering Place: 4am @ Vien’s Crib
Destination: Broga Hill
Duration of Hike:

  • Ascending Time: 5.30am – 6.15am with multiple rests/stops on the way up & at Peak 1 & Peak 2.
  • Hang-Out Time: ~ 3 hours at Peak 3 with simple breakfast
  • Descending Time: I believe less than half an hour, I THINK.
  • After Hike Activities: Pan Mee @ Batu 11

Mission of Hike: See Sunrise (failed – cloud/haze/mist too thick)
The ‘Crazy’ Ones That Actually Joined Me On This Activity at UnGodly Hours:

  1. OJA
  2. Pei Ggy
  3. Pei Shin
  4. Shu Yi
  5. Suan Lin
  6. Wai Yip
  7. Wie Vien

Photos: Go here –> BROGA HILL PHOTOS @ FACEBOOK or click the picture below.


(Clockwise): Me, Suan, Shu Yi, Vien, Pei Shin, Wai Yip, OJA
(Centre): Pei Ggy

Other Helpful Information:

  1. Head towards Semenyih.
  2. Pass University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.
  3. Exit at Broga.
  4. Park at the Palm Oil Plantation opposite a Rabbit Farm/Park.
  5. Google Map HERE.
  6. Bring torchlight if your activity commences before dawn. Big bright ones.
  7. Certain terrain quite slippery (‘coz it’s barren/wet) and steep, so if you’re not used to climbing, prob a short rope / walking stick will come in handy but please refrain from ‘chopping down trees/branches’ to make one. Just pick up those already fallen on the ground or something. We’re NOT SUPPOSED TO FURTHER DESTROY THE FOLIAGE at Broga Hill. And please, DO NOT LITTER! Bring your garbage back to the starting point/home! Everyone will appreciate this in a long run. And yes, that also means, DO NOT ‘PLUCK’ THOSE BEAUTIFUL LALANGS. Take picture enough la… (-_-“).