Monday, July 27, 2009

RIP Yasmin Ahmad

I’ve only got one question… why talented people seems to always have a shorter life? Is it a ‘balance’ thing – you have some, you lose some?? Sigh…


Got instant update regarding her hospitalization on Friday… but guess what, because I was so occupied at work during the weekends, I actually only found out about her death (yes, i wasn’t online / reading the newspaper) this morning (27/7/2009). Sigh… I guess even my friends dare not mention her death to me (to those who knew I’m such a huge fan of her work…)


For those who don’t t know Yasmin Ahmad or her works, please, it’s high time you Google “Yasmin Ahmad / Sepet / Gubra / Mukhsin / Muallaf / Talentime / Rabun / Petronas Advertisements / Leo Burnett”. You’ll be so amazed… See the work she has done for Singapore too “Funeral & Family”. If you don’t feel anything watching her works… I have no words to say.


Will always remember you Kak Min…as she is fondly known in her blogs… Rest In Peace.