Saturday, April 11, 2009

Need to Make A Decision… Part II

Firstly, thanks to all who offered their opinion, advices. I appreciate it. Thank you for being there when I needed most. Love ya’ all! LOL :p

Ok… updates!

  • Went to the office/hospital last Tuesday, wanting to hand in my decline letter, but my letter was not accepted by the PA, nor the CRA (Clinical Research Associate) or the Prof.
  • I didn’t manage to meet with my Dr who offered me the position.
  • Instead, I was briefed on the job, in another perspective, by the Prof, whom I was told I would work closely with should I decide to accept the offer.
  • They ask me to re-think my decision, and get back to them when I’m ready (why are they so kind??). And yes, I can give it a try, and decide whether to continue or not by the end of my probation period (1 month). But of course, should I decide to quit, they’ll have to go through the whole process of selecting again, which I feel guilty about ‘coz it’ll definitely waste a bit of time.
  • New Dilemma –->
    • To try out or not? S**T man, why am I always in a dilemma? Why am I so fickle-minded? I’m doomed.
    • Am I considering to try out simply because I’m curious?
    • Because I’m interested?
    • Kiasu? ‘Coz of probable missed opportunities (more likely in a way. Arrgh… pig betul!)


  • Latest Standing on YES/NO Decision (To Job Offer)
    • 35/65
    • Is it obvious already?
    • Or am I being led to making this decision because I think I still have a lot to personally accomplish or must/can do before I ‘succumb’ my life to the cruel working world. (yes, i know i’m being dramatic… biarkan aku)