Monday, April 6, 2009

Need to Make a Decision...

The Situation:

  • Am working in one place (a known decision that it will / should be temporary).
  • Am in job-hunting phase.
  • Attended two (2) interviews.
  • One confirmed job offer.
  • Awaiting decision from the other one which I have more interest in for the time being.

The Decisions To Make:

  • Should I accept the already present job offer?
    Higher pay, but
    Minimal staff benefits - almost non-existent.
    1-Year Contract
    No lab work (which I prefer to have at least some)
    Mostly paper work (data, records, patients)
    To commence in May
  • Decline the offer, and continue hunting for more better opportunities / job with better likings.

The Dilemma:
As usual, all the 'what ifs':

  • Will I make the right decision by declining / accepting the offer?
  • Should I just work while waiting  for a new job / opportunity to come by? Remember.. there's a 1-year contract.
  • Missed opportunities (if I decline/accept the offer)
  • The fear that I might not get employed at all this year in the industry.

Aiyoyo! Help me. It's messing with my head. Any advice?? Contact me personally! Or if you prefer to drop a comment here...