Sunday, January 4, 2009

Xmas 2008

I know it's been a week plus since we celebrated Christmas but that doesn't mean I can't still talk about it...

It's been almost a yearly if not half-a-year affair for Li-Yen to cook us hearty, delicious meals... be it for Christmas, Chinese New Year, Birthdays or etc. Best of all, it is ALWAYS a complete 4 to 5 course Western meal. Gosh, i love her (and her cousin, Ichiro's cooking... not to mention, Arv's every once in a while)! I wish I have the discipline to learn all these recipes...

You all should know by now, although i'm a daughter of a chef and family of very good cooks, I, most of the time, only like to EAT and COOK SPICY DISHES only ala Tom Yum. LOL. So anyway, back to Xmas 2008 Celebration...

The Details

Date :: Christmas Eve 2008
Venue :: Putra Indah Condo, Serdang (Li-Yen's crib)
Time :: 7.00 pm
Dresscode :: White top / dress
Activity :: Present Exchange and lotsa yacking of coz!

My dear friend Li-Yen returned to KL (she has since migrated to Melbourne, Australia) for the holidays and she suggested we have Christmas Dinner together at her place! Of course, i jumped at the chance. Just look at the menu!!

Christmas Dinner Menu

Entree / Canapes :: Bruschetta + Baby Pizza with Goat's Cheese & Smoked Salmon

was busy preparing and till I forget to take any picture

Appetizer :: Tempura (Eggplant wrapped with Roasted Duck & Seasonal Vegetables)

Main :: Chicken rolled with Bacon & Mashed Potato served on Warm Mushroom Cream Sauce & Zucchini Slice

Dessert :: Tiramisu (Li-Yen's secret recipe)

Sides :: Thai Fusion Salad

Yummy ain't it?? For pictures throughout the party, click on the picture below!


iris said...

Seems like you had a warm and lovely xmas celebration. Perhaps i should do that next time so i wont stuck in some crazy traffic jam..

Mayz said...

haha. yeah, do try it out! Very homely and personal (^_^v)