Sunday, January 4, 2009

CRUISE-ing My Way to 2009

2008 has come to an end ... 2009 is HERE!
HAPPY 2009!
How was your New Year celebration?
Had a blast??
I definitely did!
And what better way to usher in the new year than CRUISING my way to 2009!

With my gal pals since heydays ... (L-R): Myself, Chan, Lu and PS!
And a whole lotsa Gan family + relatives amounting to 30+ (that's what i was told by Peggy)
And thanks to PS's connections, i only need to pay SGD 132 for Handling Fees and Fuel Surcharge (^_^v)

Day 1 - 28 Dec '08 (Sun)
  • Reached PS's place at 0930 hours.
  • Left for West Port Klang at 1000 hrs via Kesas Highway (Toll: RM 6.60).
  • Registration, getting our passports checked.
  • Got our access card which also functions as the key to our cabins and a credit card (cashless system on board).
  • Embarked at 1230 hrs if i didn't recall wrongly.
  • Checked into Cabin 2108 which i shared with Lu and Chan for the next 5 days, 4 nights.
  • Lunch at Mariner's Buffet & Pool Deck's Barbeque place. 2nd round (haha, yes, you'll nvr go hungry when on a cruise) at Ocean Palace Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant.
  • Realized that there are A LOT OF PEOPLE ON BOARD.. practically, we have to book our breakfasts/lunches/dinners/suppers...or risk not getting any table / choose another restaurant. First-come-first-served basis you see.
  • Dinner at Four Seasons Restaurant. Nice food and all BUT.. my friends and I got a bit irritated with an Uncle who's sitting at our table because that poor old man... Don't have any common sense to stop tuning to his portable tv/radio thingy. He put that thing on such high volume, practically, if not for us being seated at a nice table near a corner, the whole restaurant would have tuned into the bulletin, not because it was interesting, but because it was SO LOUD!! Pls ppl... have some common sense. And NEVER do it in a fine-dining restaurant especially.
  • Watched "Eight Day"... a dance performance incorporated with chinese acrobatics. Artsy stuffs.
  • Went to the highest deck and experience strong gushes of sea wind... it was so strong, if u're any lighter, you might juz actually 'fly'.
  • Approaching 2300 hrs... took a dip at the ship's jacuzzi (Deck 9) with Lu and Chan. And of coz, checking out the cute 'ang mohs' dipping at the jacuzzi next o us.
Day 2 - 29 Dec '08 (Mon)
  • Totally missed breakfast, sunrise, morning swim/dip.
  • It's Phuket day!! Arrived at Patong Beach around 1100 hrs. Had lunch on board before taking a smaller boat to the beach and started our shopping excursion.
  • Headed to Central first, reputedly, the biggest shopping mall in Phuket. Didn't do any purchase (surprise surprise!) there but tried out this very nice Mango Salad and Mr Doughnut. Not bad at all.
  • Then went back to Patong Beach for some street shopping.
  • Bought a few bracelets/bands thingy.
  • Had a 1/2 hour foot massage with Lu.
  • Tried out Banana Chocolate Pancake (so different from the one i've tried in Krabi, more pancake like, less crispy).
  • Bought another pack of Mango Salad (Central's tasted better).
  • Bought a beach/sun dress.
  • Bought a "Phuket, Thailand" t-shirt.
  • Headed back to Superstar Libra at approximately 1900 hrs or later via the smaller boat.
  • Went for the Crew Talent Show. Boy was it fun! We've got Spanish dance, singing, Chinese fan dance, etc. The one that really got the crowd going was when the male crew did the "Macho Man" by Village People number and when the Lady Boys made an appearance. So hot!! Wished i brought my camera along. Didn't expect it will turned out so good!
Day 3 - 30 Dec '08 (Tue)
  • It's a day at the high sea. No stops whatsoever.
  • Once again, missed the sunrise, morning dip whatsoever. LOL. We failed miserably to wake up early during this trip.
  • Breakfast at Mariner's Buffet.
  • Lunch at Ocean Palace Restaurant.
  • Watched "Tropicalia", another artsy acrobatic show at Stardust Lounge just to fill time before dinner.
  • It's GALA DINNER NIGHT! In other words, Dinner with the Captain of the ship!
  • Prior to the dinner, Lu, Chan and myself attended the Cocktail Party where we were introduced to the important people of the ship The captain and his fellow executives.
  • Had the sumptuous dinner at Four Season's. Food's good... company's good... but let me tell you what's not good - THE WAITRESS. She should just kept herself locked in her cabin and not work that night. So uninterested, so rude. Story later or next time. I need to recall her exact words...
Day 4 - 31 Dec '08 (Wed)
  • Finally, manage to wake up early... but guess what, somemore, we still missed the sunrise! Darn it.
  • Had a quick morning swim (for Lu), a dip for me 'coz well, technically, I can't swim. LOL. Chan was just dipping her legs in the pool. Oh yeah, went for the jacuzzi too of course.
  • Breakfast at Mariner's Buffet.
  • Retrieve our passports for customs purposes.
  • Yes, finally, it's Singapore! Arrived at the Harbour Front, facing the Sentosa Island and right next to Vivo City after cruising from Patong Beach, Phuket for more than 24 hrs.
  • The malls down south surprisingly open quite late.
  • Entered after 1000 hrs but still find most of the shops close and restaurants, most only open at 1130 hrs onwards. Is this a norm in Singapore? 'Coz in KL at least, i think business is open by 1030 hrs, the latest.
  • The rest had a quickie breakfast at Toastbox.
  • Lu's sister Wan Lu and her 3 sons - Shuo Ze, Shuo Chien and Shuo Li dropped by. Such cuties. Took loads of pics with them.
  • Shopping begins... but well, i'm terrible at shopping. I only bought 2 tops... one from Niichi, the other from Fox. Guess i was too busy playing the 'currency exchange rate and conversion' game in my head. Hehe.
  • Late lunch at Crystal Jade. Had dim sum and dessert.
  • Photo taking at the promenade before heading back to the ship.
  • Dinner at Ocean Palace.
  • Time for COUNTDOWN! At the pool area with other passengers and of course, the crews and performers!
  • Bought champagne and celebrated with my trusty gal pals, altogether 5 of us (including Pei Shin's sis, Peggy).
  • # of Drunken Pals = 2 Hahaha... anyhow, i'm glad we celebrated the new year together and i had the great time with ya all!
Day 5 - 1 Jan 09 (Thurs)
  • Time to go home!
  • Reached Port Klang (West) at about 0900 hrs.
  • Retrieved our passports, made our payments.
  • It's home sweet home after an hour journey or so.

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