Monday, December 15, 2008

The Skytrex Adventure

Heard of jungle trekking? Enjoy it? What about doing the hike without your feet touching the ground?? Impossible? Nah...

At Skytrex Adventure located in Taman Pertanian (formerly known as Bukit Cerakah), Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam , you can do just that - SKY TREKKING!

Date :: 23.11.08
Charges :: RM 35 for adults
Full Photo Album :: My Multiply

Interesting?? Go check it out! Highly recommended by me and friends.
Thanks Lu again, for organizing this adventure at the first place. Glad i went for it!

I had so much fun, i contacted the boss of Skytrex for a possible part time vacancy as an instructor. And guess what?? I got it (Thanx Zali, an instructor there, for the heads up!).
I officially started on 13th Dec!

Julien Repellin, the founder / owner! And currently, my boss in action.
Part-timing with Skytrex is fun (^_^v) Wonder how long can i last there! Hahaa.

Another group of friends are mine will most probably try to conquer Skytrex this Saturday, 20th Dec. See ya there!


Simon Seow said...

Is Skytrex open during CNY?

Mayz said...

It SHOULD be open. Pls do call Julien at 013-2769841 to check.