Monday, December 15, 2008

Krabi - A Charming Place

Heard of Krabi?? If you haven't, you better mark it down on your "To Visit" list 'coz it's definitely worth the trip. I saw that place on one of the Amazing Race Asia edition where the contestants have to retrieve a clue from the Hong Island Lagoon (if i'm not wrong) and i immediately fell in love with that place!

So, what is one to do? Well, fly there for a holiday of course. I was there from 29th Nov - 1st Dec.. hehe, yeah, on the day immediately after i finishes my 4-month internship at LGM!

My Kakiis for the trip... VIEN and TJ!

Basic Info

  • A small town located on the west coast of southern Thailand, the land of smiles. And one of my all-time favourite place for food and shopping (yes, i do shop every once in a while!).
  • Famous locations nearby --> Ko Phi Phi, Aonang (i was there!), Phuket, etc.
  • A very famous tourist spot among Europeans. In fact, i felt like i was in some European town instead of in an Asian country. Hehe. Lots of ang mohs!
  • AirAsia flies in 1x daily, lands at Krabi International Airport (relatively new terminal).
My Expenditure
  • Flight tickets
    = RM 343 during AirAsia promotion.
  • Accommodation
    = THB 1000 / ~ RM 100 for 3D2N stay in Ao Nang Grand Inn
  • 1-Day Hong Island Tour + Kayaking + Snorkelling
    = THB 1200 / ~ RM 120 for a 8.30am - 4.30pm tour that involves an hour journey to main island and its surrounding, kayaking (~ 2 hrs), snorkelling, buffet lunch and kayak and snorkelling gears or equipments.
  • Food and shopping
    = ~
    RM 330 ... like within a day! Yes, i went overboard this time around! LOL! Got infected by Vien's shopping fever. Hehe.. just kidding.
Check out the photos... click on pic for link to photo album (^_^)!

Day 1 - Sightseeing and shopping at Ao Nang (land activities only)

Day 2 (Part 1) - Island Tour!! Wet wet wet

Day 2 (Part 2) - Kayaking, Snorkelling!
Our kayak instructor, Ken is pretty good looking. Lol. He's got gorgeous eyes!

Oh yeah, we met a buncha exchange students too.
Sweden ada, Turkey ada, Iran ada, US pun ada!

Day 2 (Part 3) - Visit to surroundings.
Note that in the photo album, there are photos where we briefly hang out at a spot surrounded by sea on both sides. Don't understand? Look below!

See?? Water (sea) on right and left of the stretch of sand (only invisible when low tide)

For Day 3 pictures... click HERE! Not much.. just busy making it on time to the airport for departure.

K, pictures overload.. and i just had too much to talk about Krabi... i dunno where to start. Ask me or my friends for a personal encounter. Or just head to TJ's blog at!

Krabi, i'll be back! 3D2N is NOT ENOUGH!! There are too much to do over there... elephant trekking, kayaking at mangrove swamp, james bond tour, phi phi!! Aiyoyo.. missed out on so many... If not for VIVA on 4th Dec... i may have just lengthen my stay there. Hehe. But then again, by prolonging my stay there.. i may come back totally broke!


Nigelais said...

Hey, looking at your pictures makes me miss the place even more. I hope to go back there soon.

Andrew said...

yeahooooo~ krabi!!! *ahem* go there aso get to know exchange students ar...!! nice nice =D made ur holiday even more happening =D

Mayz said...

Nigelais: Krabi is such a charm right!! Looked so simple and laidback yet, there are just so many 'treasures' in that place! Not to mention, their roadside stalls' food are juz FANTASTIC :)

Andrew: U must go u must go! Krabi's a must-visit! It's developing very well into a famous tourist spot too!