Monday, December 15, 2008


Finally... a proper post after a long pause from blogging. Been busy! Hehe (^_^)

I know many Octoberians... There are so many... i can get really broke this month! LOL! But it's all good. After all, they are my friends. Some of the birthday celebrations i've attended in October (and other months) are... Click on pictures for link to photo album

LU's 23rd (21/08/1985)

Date :: 16.08.08
Venues :: Izzi Pizza (Bukit Bintang) and 7atenine
Those Who Were There :: Lu, PS, Chan, CK, Wong, Andrew and myself

PS's 23rd (19/10/1985)

Date :: 18 & 19/10/08
Venue :: My Elephant and her crib
Those Who Were There :: PS, Lu, Chan, Keren, Kenny, Calvin and myself

CK's 23rd (24/10/1985)

Date :: 24.10.08
Venue :: Italiannies (The Gardens) and Station One (Citrus Park)
Those Who Were There :: CK, PS, Lu, Chan, Wong, Kenny and myself

WINNIE's 23rd (15/11/1985)

Date :: 15.11.08
Venue :: Redbox Karaoke (The Gardens)
Those Who Were There :: Winnie, Lu, Keren, PS, Peggy, and myself

VIEN's 23rd (22/11/1985)

Date :: 22.11.08
Venue :: Her crib and TGV Cinema (Jusco Cheras Selatan) for Quarantine (dun watch!)
Those Who Were There :: Vien, Suan, Peay, Boon, Wai Yip, Shu Yi and myself

Enjoy the pics!! People, if you want the original actual size photos, get it from me personally!