Thursday, October 23, 2008

Work, Sick, Krabi, OctoBabies

Brief updates on mua life!

  • Been busy at work - attending talks / seminars, exhibitions and conferences. Eminent Speakers from EMBL, BioMalaysia, IRRDB Natural Rubber Conference 2008 @ One World Hotel from 13-15 Oct. And of course, the routine lab and paperwork. Not to mention thesis + Co-Op reports!

    The Secretariat / UB team @ IRRDB National Rubber Conference 2008

    LGM Info Booth

  • Got sick - Actually went to see a doctor (my first time in dunno how many years). Returned with 3 packets of tablets - Vit. C, Actifed (for flu) and Paracetamol (for fever), and a bottle of cough syrup!

  • KRABI - yes, it's Krabi, Thailand! Booked my flights sometime early this month for Nov 29 - Dec 1! YAY! Got my passport renewed last Oct 17! Goin there with Vien & TJ. Hope it'll be a blast (the good kind, not the bomb blast, CHOI!). Really needed it to unwind, relax and rejuvenate :) What's left to do? Booking for accomodations. Am currently checking out the offers @! Massage, thai food, water activies, HERE I COME!!! Anyone wanna join us??


  • OctoBabies - Happy Birthday!!! Those in the list include... Anson, Shu Yi, Peay, Alicia, Saw Yan, Swee Sin, Sher-How, Pyo, Ziling, Ee Ching, Mun Jinn, PS, Suan, Wai Keat, Corinna, Erin Ong, Uma Devi, etc. If i missed out anyone, REALLY SORRY! There's just too many! PS... i'll post up the pics we've taken at My Elephant / ur crib from my cam asap!


samantha said...

i want to go to Krabi too!~

Mayz said...

hehe.. come come!!