Thursday, October 30, 2008


Expenses!!! Equals pokai, BROKE!

* Just spend a whopping RM 71.70 on my thesis!
  • Photostating (B/W) = RM 19.80
  • Colour Printing = RM 30.40
  • (Binding comb + Clear Plastic Cover) x 3= RM 18.00
  • Book binding = RM 3.50
  • And killing many trees (read: papers) in the process :( The best case scenario here is... FINALLY, it's THE final draft.

* Soon to spend RM 40 for puppy's vaccination
  • And probably a few puluh extra for dog food / grooming (who can do this for free??? LOL)
Shawtee & Bernice, the cute 6-month-old younger sister of Brenda's

Who's Brenda? Well, see below!

Brenda, 3 years old

* If i'm already spending ~RM70 ++ on the final draft... goodness, how much would it sum up to for the hard cover copies??? DIE OF SHOCK!!

* K la, i'm dead tired... i waited for 1.5 hour in the photocopy shop to get everything done (the shop owners thought they could finish by 9pm... manatau, we worked till 10.30pm!)


Kelvin Kuan said...

omg-ness...spend so much for just prinitng, i'll feel lk dying...first of all coz have to pay so much then have to kill trees...altho im not an environmental fanatic but still i feel for them...haha...n it's been so long since we met la...must keluar ady,...

Mayz said...

yeah. i have not mention that my hard cover copies (total: 4) cost me RM 68.. and that excludes the printing and paper cost (-_-")

so yeah, save up if you're doing a FYP soon!

and yeah, must meet up soon! But dunno when la. pretty occupied.