Saturday, October 4, 2008

Painted Skin

Was out with my gal pals - Lu, PS, Chan and my dear ol' primary school buddy Winnie for dinner yesterday @ Sakae Sushi, The Curve.

Decided to watch a movie in Cineleisure after dinner. After much deliberation , we decided on Painted Skin / 画皮.

To me...

Painted Skin = Beautiful Love Story

[official site]

The movie has got a pretty good mix of action (though somewhat fake at some scenes), humour, eerieness, CGI, and romance. Totally unexpected. This movie had further increased my liking towards Donnie Yen! And right now, i'm totally mesmerized by Chen Kun that plays Mr. Wang now! Hahaha. Zhao Wei's good... and Zhou Xun's wicked, in both bad and good ways! Oh yeah, one of my fave Singaporean actor, Qi Yu Wu's in it too!

p/s:: In case you're still 'lost', to simply put it, the movie revolves around the Fox Demon (Wu Li Jing). But it's definitely more than that. I liked that the trailer is so misleading!

My personal rating 8/10.