Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nike Level Up

To my friends out there who had been wondering (unless i've already told u countless times) what have i gotten myself into recently, getting darker by the week and looking quite tired... esp on weekends and Monday...

I have been
WORKING, part-time.

I was involved in a
Nike [niketraining.com.my & nikelevelup.com.my] campaign / roadshow / community event - Nike Level Up to be precise.

Click on the image above to be directed to the official site for more information

So, what do we do? What is this Nike Level Up?
Well, me personally served at the registration counter initially, then later moved on to goodie bag redemption counter and the final pit stop (where all the calculations of SPARQ rating and printing of certificates are carried out)

The bips...

Part of the registration & goodie bag redemption booth

As to what the whole campaign is actually about... FYI, this is my personal 'description of the event', Nike Level Up is a campaign, community event of sort from and by Nike, set out to encourage youths (target group: aged 13 - 19) who have interest to take up football, to train properly for the sport. Any sport for that matter, basic training and foundation are essential. Quoting the official site "It is a programme designed to help you take your game to the next level...".

Eager participants...

Participants of this training programme (we had ~1500 participants) will go through a series of drills and tests (i.e. 20 m sprint, arrowhead agility, vertical jump, yo yo intermittent recovery test, and a set of core, speed and agility, resistance, movement and endurance training), have their performances evaluated and recorded by facilitators, and their SPARQ rating calculated. SPARQ is an acronym, standing for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness. Bla bla bla... check out the Official Site!

Warm up session

20 m sprint

Vertical Jump

Yo Yo Intermittent Recovery Test

Aim & Score!

Time really flies, and without much realization, my 2-month 'contract' with the event company, Masterminds Solution and Nike Malaysia, have come to an end. [Note: I started working on weekends since 18th May and the event just came to a close last Sun, 13th July].

Why work when i'm supposed to be very busy with my lab work and thesis write-up, you may ask... Well, it's a much needed break in routine, and from all-things Uni. Haha. Though it made my already-hectic schedule even more hectic, i had fun! *YAY* And i got to know a buncha people from UM and UiTM, whom i may now refer to them as my friends. They are not only good at what they do, but also friendly, hilarious and down-to-earth.

Who are they?
The facilitators-cum-my-colleagues, whom most have background in Sports Science or something-in-the-like i.e. Physiotherapy.

The team at SMK Raja Abdullah

A picture of the more complete, original team of facilitators at VI, 6th July 2008

The gals of Nike Level Up.. Haha!
(L-R) : Lin Sin, Myself, Fiqah, Boon, Anis
(Not here) : Ziling, Wei, Dianne

Other fringe benefits??
Well, other than getting myself two Nike Level Up t-shirts, a Nike + FAM cap, and a football shorts... The most rewarding thing i've gotten from this (other than the experience and fun i had), is.... TADAA!! A brand new NIKE SHOES... *LOL*

Not bad right? It's a Nike Air!! *fuiyoh*

For full photo album, point ur cursor HERE!

K, i dunno where else i'm heading with this post so i guess i'll sign off here!

p/s:: This is not an advertorial. I am not getting paid for promoting the already-ended Nike event. Just my personal encounter with an event courtesy of my fave sports-brand!


simpleU said...

Seems like a really kewl experience. I love your new pair of shoes though! they are pretty:)

Mayz said...

haha... yeah, it's a pretty nice pair. considering a guy chose it for us employees!

loyod bro said...

May...loyod here
I lost ur contact number..