Monday, July 14, 2008

My Attempt To Win OneRepublic's CD - Dreaming Out Loud

MTV Asia Award is finally coming to our shore and it's gonna be hosted by actor-turned-lead-singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto, this August! And in conjunction with the mentioned event, lotsa international artists gonna be gracing the event... One of them - ONEREPUBLIC! Which i've got hooked ever since Apologize was released ... and their hook-up with Timbaland produced one of the best tracks i've ever heard (^_^)

And this... is my attempt to win OneRepublic's amazing CD - Dreaming Out Loud from...

So, what have i got to do?

1) Answer this question: Name the title of the OneRepublic song in the clip above.

2) Post up this pic:

3) Write about OneRepublic
Okay... here, i will tell you my grandmother-story of how i chanced upon OneRepublic's songs and yadda-yadda.

One fine day... i believe it was May 5th, 2007 (see pic below), Wai Yip sent me a buncha songs from Timbaland's album, Shock Value. One of it was... OneRepublic's Apologize.
One listen to the song and i instantly got hooked with the song - the melody, the rhythm, the LYRICS! As usual, a song that has such great impact on me, will get me Google-ing for more. I did some Wiki and YouTube search... and i chance upon the original version of Apologize... and the fan-made video for OneRepublic + Timbaland's Apologize (personally, i think it's much more cooler than the original video where OR & Timbaland's in the recording studio).

Apologize ... pre-Timbaland

Video made by: /

So, there i was... enjoying the song to the max... recommending it to personal friends, uploading it to my phone and making it my ringtone. Listening to it countless times on the laptop, my mp3 player, mua phone! Little did i know, some months later or something... BOOM! It was heavily played in all radio stations, ALL OVER THE WORLD! I know.. weird me, but i felt like a proud mama! The band's single was doing great! I was like "fuiyo... not bad, i've got taste. everyone's listening to the song". Wahahah! Ok well, credits goes to my friend who recommended me the song in the first place.

Though One Republic did great with Apologize, i was worried if they might be a one-hit-wonder. I was soooo looking forward to their next release... and thankfully, THEY DID NOT disappoint at all. Stop and Stare was equally good.... and now, Say (All I Need) is da bomb! My current fave song... Don't Ryan Tedder's voice just get you all mushy and stuffs... esp with his falsetto! Man, is he a talent or what! Just so you know, this is old news already by the way, anyway... if you're a big fan of Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love... guess what, Jesse McCartney AND Ryan Tedder WROTE THE SONG! He produced it for Leona and it went on to become the best-single of 2007 of the UK! Geng le.. not juz good looking, but also talented - in singing, writing and producing!

Enjoy their latest hit, Say (All I Need)

Lyrics HERE.

Nice le?? Aren't you a fan already??