Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hancock - Uniquely Different

*worry not*
*NO spoilers ahead*
*why? new movie ma.. many ppl wanna watch still*

A must-watch... for being so different and unpredictable!

.:: The Occasion / Event ::.
Nuffnang's Private Screening of Hancock

.:: The Venue ::.
Hall 9,
Cathay Cineleisure Damansara

.:: The Companions ::.
Lu a.k.a Shino
and 197 other bloggers from all over Malaysia... i.e.
Soon Seng & Karena.

.:: The Movie Review ::.
  • uniquely different
  • unpredictable but interesting storyline
  • appropriate tinge of humour and action
  • great actors (Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman but definitely underutilized) and acting
  • the movie's a bit too short and the feeling it gave me was unfortunately, a rushed / abrupt ending *sulk* i was craving for more
  • other than the aiyo-so-fast-end part, personally, Hancock it's ALL GOOD for me (not to mention that i'm a Huuge Will Smith fan).
  • rating: 7/10
.:: etc ::.
  • Had dinner at KimGary with Lu and Andrew...
  • Met up with other bloggers --> Kenny and other buncha bloggers-cum-new-friends i.e. UncleJosh, Pei Man, Eric Thor (Soon Seng's cousin), Karena... Chit chatted till it was time for MOVIE!
  • Got to know Soon Seng a.k.a. Isaac who... what a small world... happens to be Lu's Uni mate!
.:: The Pictures ::.
*courtesy of their respective owners*
Basketball-MBS Mate Andrew, Myself, My-Old-Time-Buddy-I-Know-Her-Since-We're 5 Lu

Lu and myself again, with Soon Seng... THE BLOGGER who won THE PSP during Nuffnang's Wild 'Live' Blogging event @ Modesto's. *nudge nudge* he juz won a brand new SE mobile phone too.. courtesy of AMBP's Hancock contest!!!

With fellow-MBSian-whom-i-actually-got-to-know-better-through-blogging, KennyChoo

Young Karena, Happy Garden-Clan UncleJosh and his gal, Pei Man

Person-to-look-for-when-targetting-for-invites-&-passes-to-Nuffnang-events Robb