Sunday, June 29, 2008


Gosh... i'm getting emo out of the blue!
I miss all my gal pals!
Yes, for the time being... GAL PALS only!

Shin Lu, Pei Shin, Keren, Yin Ling, Lokey and Vien... and so much more!
Where are you?
Faster come back to KL!

(L-R): Keren, Lu, me, PS
(Seated) : YL

The gals : Me, Lokey, Vien
The guy: Pruso

Cham cham... why are all of you outstation/abroad/overseas??

MGSians... i miss ya too! Anyone planning to organize a reunion/gathering of some sort??

MGSians @ Maison for New Year 2008

MGSians @ my 21st Bday Bash

Jr MGSians!! Aww, the good 'ol days!

Li-Yen!! Corinna!! Chan!! Mun!! Pyo!! CL!!

I am also beginning to miss my crazy buncha Uni mates!
The girls! The minority... i mean the guys!
The Sept '05 Biotech (& selected Food Science) Batch!
I miss all the hanging out + lepak + study + bz-organizing-events sessions and of course our makan + chat session le!!

Future Biotechnologists.... Well, we hope to be!

Die die... haven't leave Uni... sudah miss Uni ppl...

Anyway, to all my dear Uni friends who'll be starting their Co-Op a.k.a. Industrial Training / Latihan Industry / Internship soon... or have already started...


To my friends who are graduating soon or graduated...

Hope all's well with the job-hunting & job-securing days!

Don't get too busy till forget me yea!
*ok... i know... i have been doing the 'abandoning friends' part as well*

p/s:: UCSI has recently launched their new web layout / design.. Check it out @ ! Nice!


Anonymous said...

mayz darling...
i miss hanging out with ya too!!!
do take care n keep in touch yea....hugz n kisses*

p/s: im touched of wat ya did...


wie vien said...

i'm still in kl.. haha.. just a bit far only..
busy with work til don't really have time to meet..
but don't worry still will keep in touch.. hehe..
hope everything go well with your fyp.. take care!!!