Monday, June 23, 2008

I ROARED (kinda...)

at Nuffnang's very Wild 'Live' Blogging event in Modesto's, Desa Sri Hartamas!

Finally, i attended a big scale Nuffnang event, by Nuffnang Crew for us, Nuffnangers (^_^)

Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Party
The 3Ks and myself at the registration counter

The Venue
Well... it's sure happening all right. Yes, i know.. being the sesat me... this is officially, my first time lepak-ing in Desa Sri Hartamas. I will put it to equivalent standard as Bangsar... except, Bangsar, personally, to me, is catered more for the more-richer-class-of-people-or-expats-living-in-Malaysia.

The Food
The buffet spread... Picture courtesy of KennyChoo.

Mua plate! They served everything in one plate!

Wood Oven Baked Pizza's (Tray Service)
Pizza Margherita (Tomatoes & Cheese), Pizza Aglio (Tomatoes & Garlic), Spring Rolls served with a garlic chilly dip (YUM! Loved these esp the nice slightly spicy dip)

Modesto Caesar Salad
Served with Croutons, Tomatoes and Mushrooms.

Fettuccine pasta cooked with plum tomatoes, fresh cream and smoked salmon.
Linguini tossed with toasted garlic, fresh chilies and olive oil.

Local Cuisines
Fried rice & vegetable curry.

On the Griller
Juicy Chicken thigh spit roasted in our wood oven and served with mashed potatoes in garlic, chilly gravy.

Panna Cotta milk pudding drizzled with Honey and toasted Walnuts (it's either i missed this or it wasn't served that night...)

Free flow of Carlsberg Beer, Iced Lemon Tea and H2O.

Pretty good by my standards... or simply because i was dead hungry! That day, i had work with Nike Level Up in University Malaya from 7am ish right up till about 1pm++. Got home only at about 2pm. Had a 1-2 hour nap then it's time for me to prep and pump myself up for the party (failed quite miserably). Didn't eat much the entire day... so that pretty much explains everything.

Anyway, the 3Ks and myself sat right next to the buffet spread! And you know what? The waiters are really GOOD that day! They constantly served my table during the tray service!! Keeping us fed and satisfied! My theory --> The tray/plate was so heavy... they are looking for space to rest the tray and get some rest, thus benefiting us who were grabbing and munching on any food we can find that night!

Nevertheless, i'm satisfied with the food! And mind you, to me, in any event, food make up one of the most important aspect to determining whether an event is successful in my book or not!

The Crowd
Definitely, very animalistic... well, most of them... There are people who dressed up as gorillas, leopards, tigers, lions, butterflies, monkey (i am one, sorta), deers, bumble bees, cows, chickens, pandas, mice / rats, zebras, hamsters?? and even bunnies and bats!

I'm not too sure how some of the above listed animals falls into the "WILD" category... but oh well, the main thing is just animal-themed clothings/costumes so, BOLEH la. Hahaha... Gotta give it to those who are so creative and went all out with their costumes. I salute you. I wish i was that creative / have that kinda money to rent the costume (I'm quite broke now after spending hundreds on my new puppy) / have the time (i.e. no need to work part time)!! *sulk*

Ok, enough of writing/talking... i'll show u some pics... in a collage format... courtesy of ShaolinTiger (i love his photos!! Not to mention i was in two of his many photos *grins*)

*i didn't snap much photos.. wasn't exactly in snap-loadsa-pic mood for some weird reason*

First and foremost... of course i'll showcase my very own 'costume' and that of my friends whom i went to the party with!

Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Party
Me getting some bodypaint done!

And the finished product :)

Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Party
The 3Ks as the 3 Blind Mice
(L-R): Kenny, Kelvin (also as Mickey), and Kevin

Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Party
One of the gorillas a.k.a. Andrew Wong

And others [click to enlarge]

And i talked to this girl the most throughout the entire night! She's Samantha from Fun gal! Nice meeting ya, Sam :)

*to be updated further...

* sorry, been busy.
* still got FYP, thesis and currently am attending a Bioinformatics Workshop in UPM, courtesy of Malaysian Rubber Board (or IRRDB) and Cirad, France, from 23 - 26 June.


samantha said...

i'm so touched la. ;)

//ps: may, you forget to leave me your MSN or your cell no. eheheh.we should hang out soon again! hahaha.

Simon Seow said...

Nice meeting you. I know the 2ks better. Kenny from the L Changed the World press screening and has been bumping to him in events ever since. First met Kevin in Nuffnang Pajama party. Meet Kelvin and you in Wild Live. The pizza not bad right, so cheesy. Too bad I only had a piece.