Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Do I Blog?

I've been blogging for exactly 3 years now - started back in April 2005 on my Friendster [blog link]. A friend of mine recently asked, although not the first time i'm asked..., 'What prompted you to start blogging?'... Well, now i can tell the 'world' (those who actually reads my blog la...), my MANY reasons are:

  • Friendster offered free blog as a new feature (not that Blogger / Xanga, etc didn't exist... but i was lazy to tweak with the numerous templates + HTML... i know i won't get satisfied, am still not with the current layout... hehe).

  • I started blogging out of boredom.
Print screen of my first blog, first post

  • I always loved writing (but not essays... 'coz essay writing is usually a forced-to-do scenario i.e. for your English / Malay / Pengajian Am papers) although i may not be necessarily good at it.

  • I think i can express myself better in words than any other methods.

  • I actually wanted to go into Mass Communication / Journalism / Broadcasting / Event Management after Form 5 but do not have the guts decided not to - wanted to further pursue my interest in science instead.

  • I enjoy reading blogs...I even have a folder of bookmarked blogs to read! Believe me when i say there are lotsa yet-to-be-discovered great writers/people out there. The wit, the sense of humour, the intelligence, not to mention the artwork and other creativities possessed by some of these unique individual owns, are seriously, something that still puts me in awe. Check out my visit-worthy section on the left panel! You know what? Even camwhoring's a skill now. *LOL* Not everyone can look good k taking pictures of themselves in specific angles and limited camera-to-face distance (like me!! -_-" and of course the fact that i'm totally not photogenic - i shall spare you from staring at my aiyoyo pictures every time u happen to read what i have on my blog).

  • l need to channel my emotions, thoughts, frustrations, feelings, anger, happiness, etc...SOMEWHERE.

  • To use it as 'keeping-in-touch' medium... especially to those i don't get to meet / talk to often... i.e. those abroad... UK, US, Australia, India, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. Thus, avoiding those "i-ask-one-question-you-answer-one-question-and-vice-versa" conversations and probable awkwardness.
In this context, FRIEND's blog... hehe

Blogging / Blog-Reading - WHY DO IT?

My answer... why not? Seriously, you get to see and LEARN about many things out there in the world. And if you happen to come across a very good write-up, i'm sure one will appreciate it - be it one that evokes happiness, laughter, sadness, sympathy, passion, etc.

What else? Oh yeah, you'll definitely improve your writing... 'Coz eventually, you will get so conscience with your grammars.. the vocabularies... that you'll naturally put in a conscious effort to write as well as you possibly can (Aiiks... now i'm getting confused with the use of conscience and conscious). And of course, you'll also learn about uploading pictures/videos, designing of templates, tweaking of the HTML codes and scripts involved to improve your layout or to cater to other blog needs... You'll get more tech savvy in the process. MUCH more.

Learning HTML (learnt the basics back in '98 when i started my first homepage and it's still VERY useful)

K la, enough of reasoning from me. If you are thinking of starting a blog, well, just go ahead and give it a try! You can always stop - whenever you want to.

p/s: My hamster Theo is still alive (^_^)