Friday, April 18, 2008

My Nuffnang Experience

Ok, i'm well aware that the title is quite a mouthful... but i just need to get it across, LOUD & CLEAR! (^_^)

*very long wordy, thrown in with some pics, post ahead*
* this is not an advertorial, no one wanna hire me to do one la... (o_o)*

I talk about Nuffnang and blogging so often (at least among my peers), i'm beginning to sound like a bad-recorder, a VERY BAD one, constantly on replay! But i don't care... Wahahah.

The Iconic Stickman Logo of Nuffnang's

Anyway, i'm going to do just that AGAIN :p I love Nuffnang, its idea, its concept, the hardworking, fun and creative people behind the company. Kudos to Tim [ &]& Ming [ &] for being the brains behind this wonderful online advertising community!

Can't recall how i chance upon the Boss Stewie's Lengmou blog... but do check it out! It's one of the most recommended sites from me. Guys should enjoy reading it... after all, it's a guy's blog. No more updates on it though... Read and you'll know why.

Boss Stewie + Boss Lepton on Lengmou

Anyway, I've always wanted to be a part of the Nuffnang community but there's no way i can place adverts from Nuffnang on my Friendster blog unless i seriously tweak with the codes... and that also, they will appear very UNFLATTERINGLY. So, for like months, wait, make that ONE year... i was just a silent blogger. Seeing how much Nuffnang have grown today. I feel like a proud-mama *LOL*

To put a long story short, i've eventually switched to Blogspot and can now officially be a part of Nuffnang. I have problems generating traffic to the clients of Nuffnang or earn myself some decent cash though (so ppl... pretty pls... click on Adverts that has the Nuffnang tag on it.. esp if you're interested)

p/s: Heard of FYI, Boss Stewie was also one of the guys behind the concept! Darn smart fella! I jealous + green with envy dy!!! And i think he's also 23... Really "One sky (him), one earth (me)" - direct translation from Cantonese --> English.

Nuffnang Media Events

Alamak.. now only i'm going into the main story (-_-") Bear with me la... i talk/write A LOT! My England is not powderful enough to keep it short and simple...

I'm actually here to talk about my 1st Official Nuffnang Experience! I was invited to the Press Screening of The Forbidden Kingdom! Thanx Nuffnang for the opportunity! Imagine my excitement when i get the following e-mail from Robb Chew:

Dear Nuffnanger,

Release Date: 18th April 2008 (Fri)
Genre: Action (i'll say COMEDY Action)
Cast: Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Li Bing Bing, Liu Fei Yi, Collin Chau
Director: Rob Minkoff
Martial Arts Director: Yuen Wo Ping
Synopsis: An American teenager obsessed with martial arts cinema,
is magically transported to ancient China where he meets three
Chinese heroes who help him on his quest to free the Monkey King.

The much-awaited Jackie & Jet collaboration - The Forbidden Kingdom.
Poster taken from the given Press Kit.

DATE/DAY: 17th April 2008 (Thurs)
VENUE: GSC Mid Valley (Hall 10)
TIME: 10.00 AM

I was very excited to receive the press screening invite 'coz just one week before this, i received and sadly, had to reject (got matters to attend to back in Uni) another invite - Digi Reload Contest Media Launch that was held in 1U last April 11th (read Kenny Choo's post)! That would have been so much fun... Wasted opportunity (*_*)

Back to the press screening, i would firstly like to thank Kenny for the company. Else, i'll be seriously lost as this is my 1st Nuffnang event and i don't really know the other bloggers well, 'coz me being the silent blogger and all. How i know Kenny? Well, our common ground is - We were once students of MBSSKL. Met Michelle there - the other liaison officer besides Robb. Friendly gal :)

Besides being able to watch the movie, no cuts,and way before many others, and even before it hits the cinema nationwide officially (bangga giler... why? this petty things make me feel important gua... *LOL*), all who attended this screening were given a really big movie poster + CD (The Press Kit) and FREE Popcorn + Drink (which dunno y, i wasn't in the mood to eat/drink, so i didn't claim for any)

I love Press Kits! They bombard you with so many behind-the-scene pictures, movie-stills, trailers, movie posters (in English, Malay and Chinese) and even a 53-page Word Document which includes the following:
  • The Story
  • Background
  • About the Production
  • About the Characters
  • About the Cast
  • About the Filmmakers
Sweet. The total complete package - everything and anything about the movie. It would be extra special if eventually it becomes one of your fave movie or if you are totally into the actors/actresses.

K, movie review up SOON (i'm not supposed to post any till after 8am@18/4 anyway)... me no pro blogger. So, i guess it will take me time to come up with a readable review.

To hardcore fans of Jackie Chan and Jet Li, just go watch it! It may not be a serious Kungfu movie but the action scenes are still pretty impressive though somewhat fantastical. After all, it's about the Monkey King, Silent Monk, the Eight Immortals, Bride with White Hair, Golden Sparrow, Jade Warlord and the likes... all characters of the Chinese legends (^_^)

I've written too much... signing off!