Friday, April 18, 2008

Mariah Carey & "Ken Lee"

You just gotta watch this...Seriously hilarious! Have been forgetting to put this up! I wonder why... (-_-") Anyway, thanx to Wai Yip for sending me the links :)

Valentina Hassan singing "Ken Lee" (supposed to be Mariah Carey's Without You)

"Ken Lee" - The Improved Version

Mariah Carey's Reaction to Valentina Hassan's "Ken Lee"

Sorry, it's in French. Basically the lady was juz explaining to Mariah what Valentina Hassan has done with her song on Bulgarian's version of the Idol Show.

p/s: American Idol's Mariah Carey's night... was bad. At least to me. Except for David Cook, Jason Castro and David Archuleta's performance, others were just... blah! In fact, to be very honest, only Cook's Always Be My Baby performance grabbed my attention. Watch it here.