Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Theo...

Sad la... i think my hamster is dying... He was all fine during the day... was still very lively, running around, digging and all when i was changing the bedding in his cage this afternoon. The kids - Anna, Audrey and Brenda helped me out. It was the first time Anna (Audrey's sis) helped me out... 'coz well, my mom don't usually babysits her (a whole diff story... need not be told).

Anyway, after done with cleaning out the cages and all... I went to bath. I think Anna was still trying to play with / catch Theo. I'm not exactly sure what happened... but i assume Anna grab hold of Theo a bit too hard so Theo kinda nib her. Not sure how Anna reacted but right now, my opinion is, she must have flung Theo quite hard or something...

Next thing i know, when i check him out this evening... Theo was not his usual self. He wasn't digging, looking for or storing/hiding his food... not sleeping or running around. He was just lying / sitting near his water bottle quietly. He even allowed anyone to hold him (which is weird... he usually don't). He would not even play in his hamster ball.

Theo lying on his side in the cage... which is totally NOT a normal thing for hamsters to do... at least not for Theo

Theo looking weak and did not budge a single bit when i hold it in my hands.

He didn't even attempt to escape (-_-,)

I was worried death... i still am. And there Emily (another kid my mom babysits) was, keep telling me, he's dead... he's dying! My heart aches.. He still look pretty weak now. And worst of all, i'm not sure if he's ill / injured / or 'coz of old age... (-_-,) I sure hope Theo is / will be well... April is already bad enough... *sigh*sob* Gosh, is my life full of drama or wat?!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! You must help in the fight to save his cousin, the Knish.

Please pass it along to everyone who can help!

Kevin Tan said...

awwwww.... poor Theo! cute things should not suffer!!!

Mayz said...

So true!!!