Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy 23rd, Josh!

Monday was Joshua Rayan Louis's (a.k.a. Josh, Joshie, Father, Uncle, Grandfather, SASSA Unofficial Mascot...) 23rd birthday!

Josh as God of Wealth during SASSA's CNY Night 2007

Josh as Lady Chang'e during SASSA's Welcome Party / Mid Autumn Festival Celebration 2007 *LOL*

Poor boy... (wait, maybe man or old man quoting him only...) was he clueless (as told by him)... I think he thought we were all too busy to celebrate his birthday. Thus, his initial plan after finishing lab work was to to end the day with 'ta pau'-ing food home and then proceed to sleeping till the next day or something!

Where can la when you have such a group of alwiz-find-a-reason-to-have-fun-and-party kinda friends??? So, of course we had something planned for him! We surprised him at
Pak Din's Cafe @ Leisure Mall, Cheras. Thanx to Arathai (his gf) for actually convincing him to go to the mall on the first place. Those who were there, ready to shout "Happy Birthday, Josh" include:
  1. Alicia
  2. Hadiza
  3. Hesty
  4. Hesty's mom
  5. Hishmath
  6. Muthu
  7. Myself
  8. Nelly
  9. Shu Qi
  10. Uma
  11. Xia Yun

For pictures and videos from the surprise birthday-do... of both people and the great food available at Pak Din's (a nice cafe serving Malay / Thai cuisines), kindly head to my Multiply and look under the Photos and Videos sections.