Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today's Horoscope

I'm a Cancerian (quite a typical one too - *sweatz*)... my horoscope for today, as according to Friendster is as follow...

The Bottom Line
You need to start paying more attention to yourself, and less to what people need.

In Detail
You need to start paying more attention to yourself, and less to what other people want or expect. It's wonderful that you are concerned about the health and well-being of the people in your life, but there is only so much you can do to help them. You need to remind yourself just how much you can change in your own life. What are you most unhappy about right now? Take tiny steps toward healing yourself. You'll let yourself know just how very important you are.

How appropriate! How true... So, i guess, from today onwards... i will be spending more of 'me' time! Hopefully i won't get so distracted anymore... at least until i'm done with the following (or at least progressing well in them)...
  • Getting well (i've been sick... fever, nausea, cough, runny nose, blocked nose, allergies... since Day 1 of CNY... i know, it sux).
  • Focusing on my FYP thesis-writing.
  • Work on finishing my assignment (Bioprocess Engineering's Animal & Plant Tissue Culture - Monoclonal Antibody Production)
  • Revise for my Mid-Term @ 29h Feb.
Focus... determination ... perseverance... endurance... I NEED THEM ALL!! *sigh* Laziness... procrastination... excuses... KEEP OUT! *screams*

p/s: Juz ignore me... Simply wanna blog!