Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jumbled Up

I'm bored (but VERY tired...), so here i am again... blogging... about my thoughts, things that have gotten my attention, etc!

    What? Tortoise is it? No no no... it's p.o.r.p.o.i.s.e! No spelling mistakes... Call me stupid, but this is the first time i've heard of this animal! Yes, it's an animal... related to the dolphins and whales. Got to know about it through The Star Newspaper! Click HERE to read more. According to the mentioned article, it's pretty common in the Penang waters... Hmm, maybe all this while i (and others), have simply mistaken it as a dolphin... (-_-"). Gosh, it's cute! To me, personally, it looks like a hybrid of dugong (the head) + dolphin (rest of the body).

    "Hoi Sum Koh" a.k.a. "Happy Fruit"... What else? "Fei Fei"... "Fei Jie"... You just can't forget that signature loud laugh of hers! She does the "Laugh Out Loud" (LOL) so perfectly... it's infectious! Rest in peace... HK has lost another one of its Stars... (-_-,) Read more... HERE.

  • WWF
    a.k.a. World Wide Fund for Nature... The panda logo! So iconic. You can recognize it from ANYWHERE! Unless you live under some coconut shell of course (Katak di bawah tempurung...). Timothy Tiah, co-founder of Nuffnang recently wrote about this organization and how WWF works full-time, voluntarily, in saving the world! (Click HERE to read his post on WWF).
    I used to be quite attached with this organization... I even had an WWF-associated Interact Club project back in MGSKL where members of the club will go all out to sell these WWF-pendant + bracelet for RM 5! I bought TWO myself! Semangat kan?? Hahaha.. Yes, RM 5 may seem little to many, but well, as the saying goes "Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit". So, please, if you have money to spare (Hahaha... but seriously), please donate. Just type WWF *space* YOUR FULL NAME *space* EMAIL ADD and send to 39398. Every text messages donate RM 3. Else, click on this link to find out more -->

    SYTYCD Malaysia [link] is good enough... but compared to America's, gosh... Malaysians still have a long way to go! I was just channels surfing (as usual... every night b4 my bedtime) last night, and i managed to catch an old episode of America's SYTYCD Season 1! Boy, am i darn impressed! I know they were good, but yesterday's Hip Hop dance by Jamil & Destini was simply SMASHING! The routine (kudos to the choreographer.. Shane i believe) was WICKED! Check it out (alert: video quality not that good... may not do justice to the entire routine and the same kinda hype you get watching it on TV or LIVE!) I think audition for Malaysia's SYTYCD Season 2 is now OPEN! Hmm... Go Google for more info if you're interested!

  • AMAZING RACE ASIA - Season 2
    I'm a fan of reality (maybe not so reality... but...) TV shows! Go ahead, hit me... I know, many, with the internet age, hardlyes touch the idiot box (more like "My Love...") anymore! But me... Hehe... TV's ALL Good! ARA is one reality TV show i try not to miss... esp the Asia version, since Season 1! The results for season 2 (Teams Info)...
    1st Place - Adrian & Collin of Singapore
    2nd Place - Vanessa & Pamela (Vince Chong's sisters) of MALAYSIA

    3rd Place - Marc & Rovilson of the Philippines

    Applications for interested-participants for Season 3 is already OPEN! Hmm.. how i wish i will have the time to make the audition tape, fill up the necessary forms, got myself a very 'ngam' partner, send out those forms + tape, and actually got selected to travel for free, for at least ONE MONTH!!! Sigh... The life of a student... So, to those who have nothing to lose, go JOIN... Head to Season 3 - Call for Application!

    Need i say more? Fashion, Entertainment, and Beautiful, sexy, different, one of a kind, not typical kinda girls... Lots of drama and maybe (ok, always...) cat fights, gossips... It's all what a reality-tv-shows fan wants! Not to mention, the pictures and concepts are pretty good! My fave? The make-over episodes (^_^).

    Usual-Self Mode

    ANTM Mode

    Info of ANTM - Cycle 9:
    Every Mondays, 8pm (repeat: 12 am, and some other days),
    Channel 714 a.k.a. Channel [V]

    I already know who's the winner... 'coz well, 'thanx' to the official site and my friend's very big mouth... (-_-,)