Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Broken Bones

Wai Yip got "screwed"

Dear Wai Yip,

I wish you a speedy recovery - from the pain, from the surgery (insertion of SIX screws and ONE metal plate... OUCH!), and everything else. Glad to see you're doing well thus far! Do take care of yourself aight, and don't skip any of the physiotherapy sessions yea!!

His X-ray... *aiiks*!

FYI... our dear "Yao Ming" injured himself last Friday, 22 Feb, during futsal! He fractured / cracked the bones on his right ankle, went for a minor surgery last Sat, and was warded for few nights.

Visited him @ Pantai Hospital, Bangsar (or Pantai Dalam??) on Sunday... and guess what, we actually camwhored! Haiz... ppl with digital camera + blog (that's me!) *LOL*

Those who were there + Boon who was the camera man.


Eduardo Broke His Leg

Just a day after i heard of Wai Yip's misfortune from Shu Yi, i saw the most horrific pictures of Arsenal player, Eduardo da Silva's leg got broken! How? A tackle by Birmingham City's Martin Taylor! OUCCHH... to the max!!!

The series of photos showing how Eduardo got his leg broken by Taylor during a tackle.
[Photo & news credits to The Sports Granola & News@Sky]

Arrgh! Sports injury... No wonder Wai Yip says "Now, i watch people play football also i get the chills dy...". Speedy recovery to you and Eduardo, man!


Kevin Tan said...

u guys are so awesome go n visit him bawa belon lagi...

Mayz said...

LOL. The balloon is actually courtesy of his sister. We brought him the following instead:

1) Soy / Calcium Milk
2) Tiger BisKUAT (Wahaha)

and dunno what other snacks... Kekeke