Thursday, January 24, 2008


This post is pretty jumbled up... 'Coz i dunno where to start and all. I just want to note these down, for memory sake. So pls, juz read (^_^)

  • Melissa was back in KL after two years' absence (She has since returned to Adelaide, last Jan 15th)! So, of coz, we must meet up. Lokey and Fai tagged along. We went for dinner at Bangsar's Nirwana Banana Leaf Rice shop. Nice food, no pics of food. Totally forgotten about it.
From L-R: Fai, Me, Mel, Lokey
  • Of coz, Lokey was back since Dec 12th and i have been going places with her - movies, one-day trips, lepak-ing sessions, etc. Uncountable. This year, for a change, she'll be in M'sia (and not Perth) during the CNY. Goodies! Hopefully get to do some 'pai nin' with her if she's not returning to Ipoh or Bentong.
Spending New Year with Lu, YL, CK & Lokey @ Maison
  • Yin Ling was offered a place in AIESEC's Work-Exchange Programme and yesterday (23/1/08), she left for Brisbane and due to work there for 1 year, at least. So gonna miss her (-_-,) Sent her off at the airport yester-night (other than giving her a farewell do @ Neway Cheras Plaza last Sunday - 20/1 with 10 other ppl). Lokey, Lu, Arv, Fai and her mom + relatives were there too. Luckily i didn't cry uncontrollably!! Made her a very simple card, from all of us.

    Oh yeah, i finally get to try "Claypot Lou Shu Fan" in Murni @ SS2! Thanx Fai who drove us (me+lokey+lu+arv) there after sending YL off. How good is it? Pretty good (minus the cockcroaches i see wandering about the makan place... eeee)! Here's a pic... I will make it a point to try the one at Petaling Street... ONE DAY...

  • Pei Shin's still wondering if she could/should return to KL for a short while to celebrate CNY with family + friends. Hope she will... 'Coz missing her wackiness presence already! Hope she's doing well and persevering for her Master's in Birmingham! Dun give up girl! You can do it!

  • I got to play basketball (for real! with proper teaming up and taking scores into account) last Tuesday night (22/1) @ 11pm - 1.30am (yes, u've heard me right.. at NIGHT)... after a gap of what... say 6-7 years!! And with who? My beloved basketball gang back in secondary school, whom i used to meet up at least once weekly just to play basketball! We'll wake up darn early (7am or so) and meet up latest by 8am to play basketball FOR HOURS at courts in Happy Garden! Man, i misses the good 'ol days. We should do this every once in a while (if not more often) Hehehe (^_^). To Chia, Corinna, Fai, Go, Lokey, Kenneth, Kwong, Mun Lee, & Wong, as well as Mian + Kelly, thanx for coming, playing and the great workout! Sigh... no pics again. Too bz playing and 'rampas-ing' ppl's court. Hehehe.


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Hey Chai Leng!! So surprised to hear from you! Thanx for the link! I will link yours to mine too ;)