Monday, February 4, 2008


HADIZA's 26th

Date : 30/01/2008
Venue : Pizza Hut, Taman Connaught, Cheras

Who Else Were There :

  1. Debbie
  2. Hish
  3. Joshua
  4. Myself
  5. Muthu
  6. Suria
  7. Tian
  8. Uma
  9. Xia Yun
What We 'Makan' :
  • Pizzas
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Hut's Platter (Tempura Prawns, Onion Rings, Chips, etc)
  • 3 Jugs of Pepsi (don't ask me why we ordered 3 jugs.. despite knowing we can actually refill it (-_-") )
The Story :
The day started with our Bioprocess Engineering's first quiz. Boy, the last question was a tough cookie! Well, it is to me! Hopefully i got it right... What's next? Lab of coz. Got a pleasant surprise - my supervisor, Mr Pat gave me 'off-from-lab/project' till after CNY! That's good news (i think!) Haha. Then, i got invited to Hadiza's surprise bday dinner by Uma! That dinner definitely helped ALL OF US to de-stress... u know.. tests.. projects.. lab work.. it sucks the life out of us FYP students *sweats*. We made quite a commotion in Pizza Hut (not that we really cared anyway.. just hope we don't get complaints! hehe).. well, then again, when do we not cause a commotion?? Wherever we go/visit/end up at, we'll just make noise... LOTSA noise! Hopefully ppl weren't too irritated or bothered by us - 10 fellas laughing hysterically on almost everything, ANYTHING! :)

Pictures :
Hadiza, the bday girl + her bday cake!

The chaotic crowd :)

GALVIN's 21st

Date : 01/02/2008
Venue : Look Out Point (Menara Tinjau)

Who Else Were There :
  1. Lokey
  2. Lu
  3. Mayz
  4. Shu Yi
  5. Wai Yip
What We 'Makan' (sorry.. ilek pic) :
  • Pizza (Pepperoni Chicken... tasted much better than the commercial outlets')
  • Lamb Chop
  • Chicken Chop
  • Lemonade
  • Milkshake
The Story :
Galvin's bday was actually on the 12th January... but then, he was still in Indonesia. So this was a post-bday party/dinner of sort :) We decided to head out to Look Out Point near Hulu Langat. Had dinner at the Bread & Olive... the food was not too bad (i enjoyed the pizza) but it's definitely very pricey! I'm pretty sure this cafe offers the best view of KL's skyline though (other than the Menara Tinjau / Watch Tower of coz...)! Had a lot of fun (& hassle) snapping pics and as usual, yacking! Wished more could have made it for the dinner though.. or at least made it earlier.. Hehe. Boon, Peay, Tse Kai and Andrew joined us (minus Galvin + Shu Yi) much later. Well... dear Galvin, hope you like the futsal shoes + mini bday cake + personal video messages we've gotten/made for ya! Touched or not?? Hehe.

Pictures : Wai Yip's Photo Album

Galvin + Very Mini Bday Cake *LOL*

Video : Galvin's 21st B'Day Raw Videos & Galvin's 21st Birthday Video Messages