Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Possible Next Outing

  • Chilling Waterfalls, Kuala Kubu Bharu @ 2nd / 3rd Feb is almost (if not already) confirmed. To those who have received personal invites, keep your day FREE! No rushing home and all yea! To everyone else (that i tak kenal langsung)... don't go on those days! So that my friends and i can have the waterfalls all to ourselves! I'm juz following the footsteps of this article HERE ! LOL! Just kidding (>.<) Why Chilling? THIS pretty much explains it all!
  • Another possible destination for me to check out soon in the near future is, LOOK OUT POINT! Fyi, Look Out Point is NOT Little Genting! Look Out Point is located near Ulu Langat... while Little Genting's in Jalan Saga / Tmn Bukit Permai!
Conclusion: Look Out Point ≠ Little Genting

I'm expecting this view when i actually visit this place... maybe in a week or two! So hopefully, it will not disappoint!Source :: Chingling


henrychiah said...

Thx for the link and wish you Happy Chinese New Year --- henrychiah.com

Mayz said...

You're very welcomed :)