Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Needed... Fun Friday!

Life as a final year student is already stressful, what more when one have to work on his/her final year project (FYP). Some may have it easier, some may have it tougher, but all in all, IT IS A CHALLENGE and it can really frustrates the hell of a person!

To my uni mates, so long you're not living in your own ideal world, i'm pretty sure you'd notice the tension that's been building up - among team mates, between seniors and juniors, students and supervisors, OR, even with lab personnel. Hey, i'm not directing this to anyone personally, so no offense. I'm just stating the obvious.

So, what do one do when one is stuck in such tricky situation?? Well, find SOMETHING ELSE TO DO and HAVE FUN doing it of coz! =P After all, too much of complaining/whining, bad-mouthing, will only do us all harm. We shall not succumb to this and just move forward! (reminder-to-self)

If you are interested to find out how i de-stress last Friday, continue reading!
P/S:: In other words, just an excuse for me to continue being lazy! It's so gonna come back and get me one day!

Date :: 18.01.2008 (Friday)
Location :: Saga Highlands or Little Genting @ Jalan Saga & Tmn Bukit Permai, Shu Yi's Crib
Purpose Of Meet Up :: Nothing really, just dinner, yacking and harmless fun!
The People ::

  1. Boon
  2. Mayz
  3. Shu Yi
  4. Suet Ling
  5. Suet Ying
  6. Suet Sisters' Dad
  7. Suet Sisters' Mom
  8. Wai Yip
  9. Yew Joe
Highlights ::

  • Makan at a cafe (Saga Highlands)... which serves all kinds of food - western, seafood, thai, and even CNY cookies (almond). The food... pretty good. I quite like the Tom Yum Seafood Glass Noodle i ordered 'coz, instead of all those artificial-seafood-flavoured ingredients, i've got some pretty fresh, nice ones - calamari, mussels, prawns, etc! Uncle + Aunt Loke ordered crabs (salted egg + spicy,sour, sweet) for us too! The gravy's tasty! Thanx aunty & uncle for the dinner!

  • Checked out KL's skyline! Pretty impressive. City of Lights? Definitely. KLCC has got to be one of the most impressive sky scraper in the world! Of coz, KL Tower is visible too and at certain angles, we actually got to see Genting pretty clearly - thus the moniker for this place, Little Genting :) Not shown on the pic below though.

    Not enough exposure time = Dimmed picture

  • After dinner, the Loke family (except Suet Ying) left. The rest of us decided to explore and find a better spot for more yacking and of coz, to check out the skyline. We ended up at Tmn Bukit Permai... There's a playground and i guess, this is the place Josh and Mut was telling me about! It is indeed, a lovers' cove of sort. Haha, well, there are a lot of couples around... and i believe, after our arrival (the noisy + childish + playful bunch), many decided to leave! LOL! After 30 mins or so, we pretty much have the whole playground to ourselves (k, i exaggerated... but there are couples who left! No privacy i guess... not that it has a lot to start with... hehehe). We were of coz, playing on the saws, slides and swings. Playground + Us = Inseparable. We just have to have a go at it! Check out the shots below, though somewhat cacated (no tripod, simply clicking away). And yeah, take note of the picture of the signboard *kekeke*

  • After some silly good fun playing at the playground, next stop --> Shu Yi's crib! Main reasons? The guy(s) needed the toilet AND beer! Yes, you heard it right... Beer. You know who you are... LOL! After using the toilet and sipping on some beer (not the girls!), we started playing with the hamsters! Aren't they (the hamsters) a cutie???

    .... That is until one of the two hamsters decided to play hide & seek with us! It escaped from my friend's palm and went beneath the sofa, and then, INTO it. So, at 1am ++, 6 twenty-something were busy searching, digging and hopefully, rescuing the hamster from suffocation (it may get stuck between the sponges and springs!)...! This went on for at least half-an-hour... The outcome? We still couldn't get it out! Finally, after quite a sweat, lotsa worrying, and feeling of guilt ('coz the hamster is not mine!), we decided to just put down sofa, and hopefully, it will come out on its own. Guess what? True enough, with some dry hamster food as bait, the little one came out of the sofa, EFFORTLESSLY, within a minute or two! If only we knew better... (-_-") Now that the hamsters are safely locked in its cages, we ended the fun night with a few rounds of "Chor Tai Dee" before we bid goodbyes to each other!


nekro4ever said...

last pic of boontut is hilarious gila babi sial..

here's to the next night outing!