Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Lunar New Year - Rabbit (2011) Chronicles

Taken no leave prior to this year's celebration.

Nin 28 - 29

  • Spring cleaning in office
  • Moved to a new workstation - my 2nd time shifting from one place to another. Each time gets better (bigger space, more privacy) so ain't complaining :p

  • Also had earlier 'reunion dinner' prayers for Pa. And these are some of the dishes!
Nin 30
  • Decided as a family to do away with the traditional Hainan Chicken Rice, Fish Maw Soup and Mixed Vege and the likes (actually we've done it a day before :p), so we've gone Western this year! Probably to commemorate my late Pa's profession as a Western Chef all these years =) 
  • We had Chicken Chop, Seasoned & Boiled Broccoli & Asparagus with 2 slices of Tomatoes and best of all, Real Potato Wedges / Fries (non of those flour things). Yum Yum!
  • Headed to the old KTM train station as soon as dinner's finished, to catch the 8pm bus to Penang. Double decker. Super high-tech bus from Plusliner. Smooth journey =) Congestion-free.
Chor 1 - 3 
  • Arrived in Penang before 1am. Aunt Bonnie, cousin Hikaru came to pick us up from the Sg Nibong Bus Station! Aww, so touched. Coz Grandma came along, at this hour!
  • Main activity while in Penang: Eat at every house / stop. LOL. Our relatives couldn't stop stuffing us silly. Home cooked ones, steamboat, roti bom, chapatti, curry, soup here, soup there (the most famous soup found this trip --> Pig Stomach Black Pepper Soup)
  • While food is aplenty, of course ang pow has significantly decreased. Boohoo :( It's the age I tell u!! Have to get used to it... Haha.
*to be updated...have to recall*
Chor 4 - 8
Chor 9 - 12
Chor 13
Chor 14 - 15