Sunday, February 14, 2010

A New Year, A New Me?

The year of Tiger has finally arrived...
A new year...
Equals a new me?
Well, I'm gonna try.


The past year has been.. umm, eventful.
Good and bad. Easy at times, challenging most of the time.


Therefore, for this new year, I...

  • Wish for a better beginning, and equally good ending in everything I do.
  • Wish for better physical health... have been falling sick way too often (don't notice? well, pay more attention ;p).
  • Wish for better mental health... I've got bitten by the emo bug way too often last year, I am tired. I want more control...
  • Wish to be less hard on myself, take things / people easier.
  • Wish to exercise more... for well-being as well as superficial reasons. Haha.
  • Wish to cut all ties with all things bad and those that wears me down.
  • Wish to be more firm in saying 'no' and letting people know how I actually felt
  • Wish to not wear anymore masks and put up any facade just to please or protect others' feeling but hurting myself in the process. Be true to myself.
  • Wish to be more optimistic and happy-go-lucky on my outlook on life and the future it holds.
  • Wish to procrastinate less. Act fast after rationalizing, seize the opportunity.
  • Wish for people to be more punctual. Sometimes, it really could be a matter of life and death.
  • Wish for myself and others to keep their words and promises ‘coz well ‘cakap kosong’ and empty promises are bad and it hurts.
  • And last but not least, wish to be a better family member and friend to every single individual out there… :)