Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chronicles: My Ushering of the Tiger Year

13th February 2010 (Nin 30)

  • Was sick – Down with severe stomach pain that made me pop painkillers like nobody’s business. Grimacing in pain on bed since the night before. Planned trip to Penang on Chor 1 dashed. Decided to stay home for my own good. Needed the rest anyway. Penang would be too hot, too hectic.
  • Reunion lunch
    • Clear soup steamboat with family, Uncle Moon, Aunt Helen, Aunt Gock Kam, Uncle Wee, Cousins Kenny & Timmy.
  • Reunion dinner
    • Tom Yum soup steamboat with family, Aunt Gock Kam & Uncle Wee.
14th February 2010 (Chor 1)
  • It’s the new year! It’s also Valentine’s. Still in pain and not feeling my best but much better.
  • Mom and eldest sis depart for Penang at 10am.
  • Dad, bro and myself went to Brickfields (our late grandparents’ house) and had home-cooked lunch with Aunt Gock Kam (returned from Spore) and Uncle Wee (returned from Sydney).
  • Catch up on sleep, TV. Lotsa thinking.. which is well, good and bad.
  • Dinner time… mom’s not around, so no food. All shops are closed, so no food. Left fast food. Dad, bro & 2nd sis had KFC. I had Maggi mee! Sound sad? Ok la, not too bad. Hehe. The household ain’t functioning with the absence of me mom. Hehe.
  • After dinner… visit to Pei Shin’s place for rounds of gambling and bonding session with friends from MGSKL & La Salle :) Had a pleasant time till the wee hours.
15th February 2010 (Chor 2)
  • Shops are still closed. So food is still a problem (in terms of choice, added with the fact that we didn’t wanna cook).
  • Dad left for Tualang with close family friends.
  • Bro left for Kampar for a short CNY trip with his close friends.
  • Technically, HOME ALONE with my sis! Gosh… CNY in KL is pretty boring… ‘coz majority of my relatives are either in Penang or in Sydney. And this is the 1st year after so many years that I have spent it in KL. Totally clueless on what to do.
  • Had McDonalds for lunch. Thank God for fast food restaurants now I guess… though totally not my 1st choice.
  • Had more of ‘me’ time.
  • Then it’s planning of ‘the days to come and what to do’.
  • Dinner time… met up with Aunt Gock Kam & Uncle Wee once again. And headed to Mid Valley / Gardens along with sis for dinner and shopping. Had Thai :)
  • Shopping
    • G2000 Top (superbly expensive… though had 50% discount… but well, liking it thus far).
16th February 2010 (Chor 3)
  • It’s the day where we carry out our ‘so-called’ ANNUAL ‘PAI NIN’ DAY, with the gang of friends from MGSKL and La Salle. It has become an annual ritual of sort :)
  • The Gang – Andrew, Chia, Go, Kenneth, Kwong, Mun Fai, Wong, Yap, Chan, Corinna, Kelly, Mu, Shino, Yan Yee, Zin Er & myself.  
  • The houses & activities (well, lotsa gambling & laughing involved)
    • Chia Kim Leng
    • Corinna Khong
    • Break for Lunch @ Paparich, Kuchai Lama
    • Kenneth Chuah
    • Mun Fai
    • Dinner @ Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant
    • Jason Kwong
17th February 2010 (Chor 4)
  • Arm/shoulder (right)'s aching, for no apparent clear cut reasons. Why?? Can't stretch properly... 
  • Movie Day! Which turned out to also be a Shopping Day!
    (-_-“) <—Why? Well, monetary damage done!
  • The Gang –> Kenny, Shino, Winnie & me.
  • Movie –> Little Big Soldier featuring Jackie Chan & Lee Hom.
    Funny! Touching ending too. Pleasant watch. Korean dinner! Nice gal time! Why gal time? Well, Kenny left after movie. Hehe.
  • Shopping
    • Shino
      • Nike
      • Padini
      • MNG
    • Winnie
      • Nike
      • MNG
    • Me
      • Nike
      • Silkygirl 
18th February 2010 (Chor 5)

  • Back to work. Office is of course exceptionally quiet but pleasant. Got a few more ang paos! Yay.
  • Rest of the day was just spent on making sure all paperwork / e-mails are attended to.
  • Lunch with colleagues at Murni. Can afford to drive out during lunch hour at SS2 'coz everyone still not back in office! Hehe.
  • Dinner with sis, Uncle Wee, bro and Winnie @ Luck Kee Steamboat Restaurant.
  • Kenny & Lu dropped by for visit, gambling and American Idol 9!
19th February 2010 (Chor 6)
  • Report for work as usual. 
  • Lunch at Kanna Curry House with colleagues.
  • Then got the news from my sis that dad was sent to hospital because of unbearable pain. Painkillers (tablet) didn't work. Was put in the observation ward and given jabs. On standby to fetch my parents home. 
  • Debbie, Ming and Tian drop by my house for a visit.
  • Had dinner with them + Regina + Shu Yi + Wai Yip + Val + Zi at Chicken Hot Pot, Kuchai Lama.
  • Food was so-so for me. Sorry pals, it was a rush and I had to leave abruptly.
  • Picked my parents from the hospital at 10pm (yes, it was a long torturous wait for my parents).
  • Thought everything will be better.
20th February 2010 (Chor 7)
  • Got woken by mom in the middle of the night. ~4am to be exact. Why? Dad experienced pain again. Cannot walk properly and sleep due to the pain. 
  • Re-sent him back to the ER @ UMMC with my mom.
  • Helped mom canceled the babysitting job.
  • Rearranged my schedule for the day/week.
  • Finally, Dad can leave the cold observation ward and be properly admitted for further checks, tests and diagnosis. FYI, it's spine and nerves related. Will provide details later...

       to be continued.