Friday, January 1, 2010

My NYE & 2010

My New Year’s Eve (NYE) started with me rising (and shine??) at 7am ++. Got myself to the office (didn’t take leave) by 8am++. Prepped some work-related papers and before 9am, Yvonne’s here to pick me up. Melaka, here we come! Mind you, it’s for work, not some pleasure roadtrip.


Work-wise, things weren’t so ok. System delivered is not complete = Full training cannot be conducted. But the good news is, well, we get to shorten things up and return to KL earlier and ensure ourselves that we’ll be in time to celebrate and usher in 2010!


Just when I thought things are getting even better, I got hit by my usual ‘flu-like allergies’! I was experiencing runny-and-then-stuffy nose, sore throat, & bits of coughing. Took meds and effect really kicked in - I got so drowsy, I was dead sleepy. Manage to leave office earlier after am done with what’s necessary, but I have to go to Yin Ling’s! She’s flying back to Brisbane on NYE and won’t be able to see her in the near year or two! Luckily I was ‘good enough’ and didn’t fell asleep on wheels. Dangerous I know, ain’t gonna repeat this!


YL’s Farewell – Returning to Brisbane


** all 4 gals have known each other since we’re in Primary Std 1 **

** kudos to long-lasting friendship **


Then it was time to get some rest before I join my friends for ‘party-all-night-long’, so to speak. I wasn’t feeling my best at all, almost ffk the group and if I did, it would be the 3rd time for this group! Oopsie!


The Details

The People: Kenny, Shino, Winnie & Me.
The Venue: The Curve (I was dreading the idea of spending it here initially ‘coz of the traffic congestion, etc)
The Dinner Place: Chocolates
The Drinking Place(s): The Apartment – Round 1, The Garden – Round 2
The Activities: Eat, Chit Chat, Picture-Taking, Drink, Countdown, Fireworks


It was a good night despite several set backs in trying to secure a nice spot to just sit down, enjoy and relax! Drove my peeps home ‘coz the rest were either too sleepy, a bit drunk or have too much alcohol content in their blood that they’ll fail breath test if stopped at roadblocks! So, luckily I still manage to do the deed – reminder to self: Don’t Drink & Drive! Do not try this anywhere!


p/s: Happy 2010 and thanks to everyone who texted me, called me and kept me company while ushering in the new year, in presence or in spirit (^_^)


* updated 01.01.2010 *


Activity: Steamboat with MBSians

Date: 01.01.2010

Venue: Vien’s crib


  1. Athes
  2. Boon
  3. Galvin
  4. Mayz
  5. Shaun
  6. Shu Yi
  7. Suan
  8. Suresh
  9. Wai Yip
  10. Vien

Remarks: Lotsa food, beverage (alcohol inclusive – Absolute Raspberry). Tasted / smelled quite like cough syrup so wasn’t the favourite drink of the night! Prefer Vien’s concoction of orange juice + lychee + nata de coco :)

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