Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bye Bye Red Kancil, Hello Saga

A decision was made, and I finally bid goodbye to my dear CLK (reads: Cute Little Kancil) on 19th Jan 2010… Gosh, I’m missing the compact little thing!


IMG_5981 IMG_5982

Me & Dad Clearing Things Out before the Handover


The 1997 Red Kancil that has been ‘serving’ me since I got my driving license after Form 5 was traded in for a new car – my new Proton Saga.

IMG_5984My Saga in the Showroom 


Lovin’ it thus far. Nice body design, nice colour, spacious enough. I’m glad I went with my choice when making a decision :) So far so good. An affordable car that meets the basic requirement – Exactly what I can afford (though I still cringe at the fact I’ve got a loan to pay for every month now)! Haha. And yeah, still haven’t get used to the fact that the signal light control is on the left while the screen wiper’s on the right! Hmm…


Cnigel said... bila mau pergi lumba?

Mayz said...

Lol. After 1000 km? Cannot push its limit now also..