Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wishlist 2010

I know… usually ppl have a Xmas Wishlist. But heck, I missed out on Xmas… and am down on cash, I’ll make one for 2010. Yup, my whole year’s to-buy/get list of some sort. I’ll throw in some justification… just to reason my wants/needs/future purchases. LOL. (yes, i’m bored and my mind’s on full drive)



  • A car
    • Proton Saga BLM, Granite Grey’s my choice.
    • Simple, affordable car with not-too-bad feedback from current users. 
    • I like its small sedan shape.
    • It’s what I can afford right now so I ain’t gonna “wear a hat that’s too big for my head”.
  • A watch
    • Something irony (or maybe with leather strap) and sophisticated. Yet still suitable for both casual and formal use.
  • A pair of shades
    • With power lenses so that I do not need to keep switching back to my spectacles when I have the shades on.
  • A pair of peep-toe heels
    • I need to find the right design and more importantly, the right size! Sigh, it’s difficult and I dread doing shoe shopping ‘coz my feet are so small! Size 3 – 5, depending on cuts/designs.
  • More travels
    • Target destination:
      • Sabah – for outdoor adventures.
      • Vietnam – hopefully this plan for a company trip will be successfully executed.
      • Anywhere else in the world that I have yet to visit though I don’t mind revisiting South Korea, China, Thailand (Krabi, Haadyai, Bangkok, Phuket), Indonesia (Bandung & Jakarta), Singapore & most of Malaysia.
      • Ideal destination – Japan or something Western but this means more $$ needed. Prob can’t fulfill it in 2010 unless I’m heading to Australia which chances of getting sponsored is much higher. Haha.


  • A career advancement
    • To better perform at work, make myself useful and be a valued asset to the company.
  • A healthy self
    • Experienced all sorta health-related problems the past few years. Heart-related, spine-related, hormone-related, joints-related, psychological, emotional, etc. Semua ada… gosh, I’m not as strong as I seemed to be.
    • It’s time to rejuvenate and pamper myself, in a healthy way.
    • Stick to my exercise regime (badminton & outdoor adventures).
    • Proper diet, not skipped meals.
  • Have even better relationships with friends & family
    • Surround myself with good souls.
    • That’s always helpful, especially with the emo me.
  • Be more random / spontaneous
    • Cut myself some slack, let loose and enjoy life.
    • Not to mean I wanna lose all control la.
    • Embark on roadtrips anywhere,anytime I want. Don’t over-fret on the planning.
  • To have my dad not suffering from cancer-related pain


* subjected to addition / changes / deletion.

** anyone’s who willing to fulfill my wish(es), YOU’RE SO VERY WELCOMED! (^_^)