Friday, December 4, 2009


I’m generally a big fan of any racquet game. My favourite – badminton. Tried tennis and table tennis too! So what’s left? Squash! (Wiki Link)

image image

Never had a chance to actually try this game until just recently. To be exact, had a ‘teaser’ last 26/11/09 and my official 1st time just yesterday – 3/12/09.


  • Never had access to any squash courts nearby.
  • Don’t know anyone that actually play or very into squash.
  • Not offered in school.
  • No racquet.
  • Always find it technically more difficult or fast-paced than badminton, although I know for a fact that, badminton IS the fastest-paced racquet game, yes, even faster than tennis!
  • My reaction can be very slow ‘coz I’m lazy to move/run.

So thanks to my badminton kakiis TM and Jes, that invited me to join their weekly squash sessions, I finally decided (it took months for me to actually take action) to give squash a try. After all, I have been open to almost any other kinda sports/adventures, why not squash?? Plus, the game actually looked very cool – influenced by Nicol David’s (link) influence. She made squash looked very ‘yao yeng’ / bergaya!

Appreciate that they give me pointers on the game although I can really be the reluctant student! Oh yeah, thanks to Alwin too – the senpai! Glad I gave it a try though I cannot promise I’ll be as dedicated as I am to badminton =p Haha, probably can’t stand the fact too that I think I look extremely silly on court sometimes!

Anyway… why Squash-ed? Well, see picture below!


Arms got bruised for the silly me, kept accidentally swinging my racquet towards my arm. Reason? I’m so not used to swinging the whole arm to make a shot ‘coz I’m too used to using wrist-work (needed in badminton). The bruises made me looked as if I got manhandled or worse - abused! (-_-“)

What’s worst are… I got comments (from my colleagues) that all my ‘wounds/injuries’ looked very ‘wrong’ recently, as in may give people the wrong perception of me… ‘coz i have a hickey-like mark on my neck due to skin irritations and now I’ve got manhandled-like bruises on my arms! LOL but also (-_-“) x infinity!