Sunday, December 20, 2009


Watched the movie with Winnie in TGV @ IU, last Thurs (17/12/09), 9.30pm.

I’ll keep this short & sweet…


Avatar = A Must Watch.


I enjoyed the movie (in 2D)… and I believe, 3D wouldn’t be bad too. So, so long you have good vision / don’t need to wear specs / wears contact lenses, go watch 3D wei! The graphics & CGI should be awesome! I wish I have my own “Ikran” now! Or even a “Toruk Mocta” =)


A word of advice though…

  • Don’t bother reading too much into the reviews, synopsis. The story is predictable in a way, but still interesting in its own.
  • Don’t bother about the logics and rationalism. It’s fiction/fantasy anyway.
  • Just watch and experience the wonders of film-making/imagination. And of course, the innocence of the movie :)

p/s: Thank you Nuffnang for the 2 FREE tix =)


tribalspin said...

Watching Avatar was a personal moving spiritual experience for me. It awakened my inner conscience. Weird,but I actually felt a resolve to make this world a better place,in my own small ways.

Mayz said...

That's a good resolution: Make the world a better place =) Keep it up! Do whatever you can.