Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life Updates #??

Picking up from where I left…

  • Took 3 days leave from work and headed to Bangkok, Thailand from Nov 5 – 9 with Shin Lu, Su-Lyn, Winnie & Kenny. First trip together for this gang =) More on this in future post(s) as I’m still awaiting pics from Winnie & Su-Lyn’s cam.


  • Immediately after I returned from Bangkok, another outstation biz trip is slated for me. This time around – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from Nov 10 – 11. Finally, I get to set my foot in the “Negeri Di Bawah Bayu”. So gonna return to this land in the future… to check out all the Eco-Tourism packages available – Mount KK, Islands, Orang Utan Sanctuary… gosh, excited dy, since I have no chance to do anything except for sampling some local food and check out parts of the KK town.


  • Nov 19 – I got confirmed @ work!! Joined the company on Sept 1, so that’s ~3 months, great =) Definitely caught me by a surprise! I was so worried walking into the meeting room when my immediate supervisor asked to see me. In fact, I was already worried the day before, when she called to schedule the meeting. Not to mention, I was running late that day ‘coz my car was still in the workshop!


  • Nov 18 – Sent my car to the workshop once more. Dad found the problem when he was servicing the car. Sigh, and I had to go KL Convention Centre for BioMalaysia 2009 (Nov 16 – 19). Thanks Boon for helping me out – picking me up from the workshop and sending me back to KLCC for work. As much as I’m used to taking public transportation in KL, I always dread using one when I’m in Suria KLCC. So imagine my horror… just to get back home (I didn’t take a cab ‘coz it was peak hrs, it would cost me a bomb), I had to take the Putra LRT - StarLink LRT - Taxi.  Thank God the ordeal lasted only 1-hour ish. Ordeal? Well, I don’t mind the fees and the interchanging of transportation.. but being sandwiched by humans, at peak hours… That’s tough! Bringing back all sorta memories from my years of taking public transportation back in high-school hey-days! Haha. Glad that car’s back.