Tuesday, November 3, 2009


  • Forgotten that on Mondays, SS2 have pasar malam… I parked my car at the wrong ‘area’ and ended up stranded in PJ after work till 11pm ++. Thank God Vien played badminton that day with me. She gave me a lift to and fro till it’s time for me to be able to retrieve my car and leave.
  • I didn’t have dinner on Monday… forgotten. Ended up buying 6 mini egg tarts at the pasar malam (while wasting my time away for my car to be ‘freed’) and guess what, I ended up leaving it on the “Lok Lok” truck when I had my ‘dinner’ there.  Clumsy me!
  • Was on my way to work this morning as usual, suddenly my car almost came to a complete halt. Problems with my car’s breaking system! I was so nervous for a moment! Plus, I’m already stuck in a crazy jam… (-_-"). The car jerks everytime I break… still ok, what if my car cannot break?? Detoured and sent my car to my regular workshop in Chan Sow Lin… gosh, and spend close to half-a-day there. Took Emergency Leave.